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Jocelyn Berry, Katie Hobbs press secretary tweets image with gun ripping ‘Transformers’

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs’ press secretary sparked an uproar with a tweet denouncing “transphobia” with an image of an armed woman. Posted the same day he was murdered by a transgender shooter.

The spokeswoman for the Democratic governor, Jocelyn Berry, posted a tweet on Monday night with the caption, “When we see transphobia,” and a GIF of a woman brandishing two handguns.

The unidentified woman in the image is actress Gena Rowlands in the 1980 film Gloria.

The Arizona Freedom Caucus called for Ms. Berry to be “immediately fired.”

“Less than 12 hours after the tragic shooting in Nashville by deranged transgender activist @katiehobbs, I call on Democrats to shoot those who disagree,” Caucus tweeted.

“Such calls for violence are un-American and will never be accepted,” the group added.

Among those stunned by the image was Christian Conservative radio host Eric Erickson.

“Can you imagine the media reaction if a Republican press secretary did what Governor Katie Hobbs’ press secretary did today after the Nashville children’s shooting?” asked Ericsson. “Jocelyn Berry is Hobbes’ current press secretary and is paid by Arizona taxpayers.”

Other comments include: What a terrible tweet”, “She openly promotes violence on Twitter” and “This will cost her her job”.

“Josselyn Berry, the woman running @katiehobbs’ correspondence, sent this threat following the murder (hate crime) of six innocent Christians by a trans activist,” Kari Lake War Room “This message deserves condemnation and deserves a bipartisan condemnation.”

Republican Kari Lake lost to Hobbes in the November election.

The Washington Times has reached out to the Arizona Governor’s Office for comment.

The tweet was part of a conversation with Berry that began Monday night, denouncing “transphobic” progressives, often feminists who denounce transgenderism as the obliteration of women.

“If you work in a progressive community and you are transphobic, you are not progressive. Period. End of story. [your] There is definitely prejudice masquerading as feminism,” she said.

Someone replied: “I don’t know if these transphobic posers from the left know who they’re messing with,” prompting the tweet of Ms. Berry, a woman with a gun.

Nashville police identified the shooter who killed three children and three staff members at a Covenant school as Audrey Hale, 28, and later said she was a man. He was shot dead by the police about 14 minutes after the number was called. Jocelyn Berry, Katie Hobbs press secretary tweets image with gun ripping ‘Transformers’

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