Jobs are hard to fill and ideologies make it hard to understand why

Talking about one reason why employers are having a hard time hiring workers isn’t close to explaining what’s happening in the job market.

Economists expect Friday’s employment report to show that the economy added 706,000 jobs in June. Step up from 559,000 in May And what would normally be a large number. However, these are not normal times. The United States still lacks 7.6 million jobs before the Covid-19 pandemic, and earlier this year, as more Americans were vaccinated, the job market was much more than that. It was hoped that the gap would be filled soon.

The problem is not lack of work. As of the end of April 9.3 million jobs According to a number from the Ministry of Labor, companies around the world are complaining about how difficult it is to get workers. Some of the more general explanations are especially common, as increased and extended unemployment benefits have reduced incentives for beneficiaries to find a job and continue to make it difficult to obtain childcare. Women are discouraging them from returning to work.

The argument that blames one or the other is along the line of predictable idealism, There is evidence It Both are weighed In the job market. Multiple things can be true about the job market at one time, and given the extraordinary sequence of situations that the pandemic has brought, other factors may also contribute to employment difficulties.

According to a recent survey conducted by Indeed, the biggest hurdle among unemployed job seekers who said they weren’t urgently looking for a job was continued concern about Covid-19. In addition to long-term care responsibilities and unemployment benefits, they cited having spouse employment and financial cushions as reasons for lack of urgency.

Jobs are hard to fill and ideologies make it hard to understand why

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