Jill Biden Abandons Terry McAuliffe on Campaign Home Stretch to Promote Husband’s Agenda

Richmond, Virginia — First Lady Jill Biden is helping Democrat Terry McCorriff in the final stages of the campaign.

Mrs. Biden joined Makorif in Henrico County, a suburb of Richmond, on Friday to market him as a candidate to connect people.

“We know Terry,” said Mrs. Biden. “We know his values. We know his heart. He has worked with the Republicans to invest in education, improve transportation and strengthen the workforce. He knows how to connect people, because that’s the only way to get things done. “

Mrs. Biden is one of a few prominent Democrats, including former President Barack Obama, who is campaigning for Mr. McCorriff in the next two weeks before the election day.

McCorriff is seen as a closely contested race and faces Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.

Others spoken at the rally included Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Hala Ayala, Virginia General Assembly member Abigail Spanberger, and Virginia Democratic Chairman Susan Swecker.

Mrs. Biden’s presence on the political arena marks a shift from her predecessor, Melania Trump, who played a less prominent role as the First Lady.

Stacy Cordery, a professor of history at Iowa State University and studying the First Lady, said Mrs. Biden’s presence on the campaign trail was a return to the traditional side of the office.

“The First Lady’s job description is, in the broadest sense, to support the President,” said Cordery. “And that is the case for the First Lady to campaign on behalf of the other members of the party in his role as leader.”

Mrs. Biden spoke to the crowd, offered a plug for her husband, and shared a conversation about those she said were worried about the future but expected the president’s promise.

She advertised the relationship between Mr. Biden and the current Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam.

“They believed in Joe Biden and told me he could change the course of the country,” Mrs. Biden said. “He worked with Governor Northam to give Virginia the help he needed.”

Some supporters in the crowd praised Mrs. Biden for her educational career that continued while she was the first lady.

Mrs. Biden was the first first lady to continue her full-time career while teaching English at the Alexandria Campus of Northern Virginia Community College and maintaining her office duties.

Catherine Sibley, a professor of American studies at St. Joseph’s University, said the inclusion of Mrs. Biden in the state would increase her legitimacy as part of McCorriff’s campaign.

“She is a popular person there, and I think her message, especially as an educator, resonates very strongly,” Sibley said. “She has been teaching in Virginia for a long time and was visible, so I think her position will definitely help Terry McAuliffe.”

Richmond’s Stewart Gammage, 70, said Mrs. Biden’s dedication to education was one aspect of her admiration.

“I think it’s great for women,” said Gammage. “She was actually one of the first women to continue her work.”

Richmond’s Bruce Gould, 68, reflected Gammage’s feelings and praised her educational career while Biden was Vice President.

“She was a second lady, but she continued to teach at Northern Virginia Community College, and so is today,” Gould said. “”[She] A devoted individual. “

Virginia Republicans attacked Mrs. Biden’s appearance because of concerns over Mr. Biden’s administration.

“While Jill Biden is in Henrico, she needs to talk to her husband’s injured family due to uncontrollable spending and bad policies,” said the Republican Party in Virginia’s Seventh Parliament, which houses Henrico County. Candidate Tina Ramirez said.

A group of fathers, who looked like climate activists, also temporarily suspended the event and were accompanied by security guards.

Campaign officials later confirmed that the group was from Minnesota.

Governor McCorriff from 2014 to 2018 has focused on the education plan that has been at the heart of the campaign since the election was announced in December.

The former governor proposed raising teacher wages and expanding the pre-kindergarten program.

“I will make sure that all Virginia children have a world-class education,” McCorriff said.

McCorriff also noted his connection to education in Virginia and thanked Mrs. Biden for her first official visit to Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, outside Washington, DC in February. bottom.

“”[She] We started this new part of her political life and helped us all win, “said McCorriff. “Where did she come back? She’s back here in Virginia.”

Early voting is underway in Virginia, and polls show that the race is hot.

In a CBS News / YouGov poll conducted October 4-11, Makoriff’s approval rating was 50%, while Yongkin’s approval rating was 47%.

The poll surveyed 1,040 voters with an error margin of 4.1 percentage points. This is above McCorriff’s three-point edge and is statistically tied.

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Jill Biden Abandons Terry McAuliffe on Campaign Home Stretch to Promote Husband’s Agenda

Source link Jill Biden Abandons Terry McAuliffe on Campaign Home Stretch to Promote Husband’s Agenda

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