Jets, Patriots set to start a new era in fierce competition

An exciting new chapter in the Jets Patriots’ Border War’will come to life at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

Zach Wilson-The Mac Jones era is about to begin. Both the Jets and the Patriots want to be a long and productive era that really deserves to be called an era.

Wilson, who was drafted by Jets on his second overall pick, and Jones, who was played by Patriots on his 15th overall pick, lost their NFL debuts on Sunday. But both showed a flash of why they were so high drafted and started as rookie.

Wilson struggled in the first half of Jets’ 19-14 defeat in Carolina, after struggling Finished 20-37 (54.1%) at 258 yards with two touchdowns And one interception.

Jones, the first rookie to start in the New England quarterback since Drew Bledsoe In 1993, with a 17-16 home loss to the Patriots dolphins, he completed 29 out of 39 passes (74.4 percent) in 289 yards without touchdowns and picks.

One of the two young people could reach his career record one-on-one by Sunday dinner time.

The Patriots have been divorced from Tom Brady for a year after 20 years of wonderful memories and a trophy case full of Lombardi trophies. Belichick moved to Cam Newton after Brady moved to Tampa last year. It didn’t work very well. Newton was released a few weeks ago, and now Belichick is in Jones.

Zach Wilson and Mac Jones

Jets are heading for those who have no rich quarterback history, have barren trophy cases, and can lead them to the first playoff berth since 2010.

They’re BYU’s 22-year-old Wilson, showing a dynamic pocket, smashing his unstable arms in the first half of Sunday with a bazooka and going 14-21 with 174 yards and two TDs in the second half. I desperately want it.With consciousness Ability to escape in the process (He was fired 6 times and hit 10 more times).

On Boston’s WEEI radio, Belichick told Wilson, “When you pick up the ball, play never ends.” “He can get out of trouble and run. He can make all the throws and got a really good arm. He has done a lot of production in the BYU, so his career I’m sure it will be converted to NFL here in the process of.

“He’s a guy we have to do a really good job with long balls, intermediate passes, extended play, and the ability to run with the ball. He’s a good receiver, good. Having targets, they will open at home. I’m sure there’s a lot of energy out there. You have to play a good soccer game accordingly. ”

Jones wasn’t leaning forward on Sunday either. His former Alabama teammate, Quinnen Williams, Jets’ defensive lineman, wasn’t surprised.

“Man, Mac Jones is my brother in Bama,” Williams said. “Wow. I could see him grow from a true freshman to him now. I’m not surprised to see him win his first job. The Mac is a competitor. You Must remember, he had to sit behind Tua [Tagovailoa] And Jalen [Hurts].. He had to go through a lot to find his place. He had to work hard. ”

Another era begins on Sunday — coaching his first home game at MetLife Stadium between Belichick and Jets’ rookie head coach Robert Saleh. Saleh (as Rex Ryan famously said a few years ago) is certainly not interested in kissing Belichick’s ring, but he praised him.

“do not know [Belichick]”Sale said. “Obviously, I know him. I think the whole world is. He is one of the best in history. His plans, his personnel decisions, it has all endured the challenges of time.

Robert Saleh
Robert Saleh
Nerredmond / AP

“He won in many different ways. He won without quarterbacks, he won quarterbacks, he does it all, so both offensively and defensively. Opposing him and their plans, and the special team in that regard, is always a tremendous challenge.

“He’s been coaching the Patriots since I first started coaching, so you can see coaches who are honored to grow his legacy and share the same areas as him. ”

One day, Jets fans want the coach’s honor in the same field as Sale and his coach’s honor to Wilson to be Belichick.

Start a new era, and make it long and story-telling.

Jets, Patriots set to start a new era in fierce competition

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