Jets’ incompetence stimulates Seahawks sympathy: “terrible”

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The limit has come.

After all, how much disappointment can these jets feel before they turn into humiliation?

A week away from CoverZeroGate, Seattle’s Sunday clearly felt that Jets’ most uncompetitive and biased season defeat was imminent.

Seattle 40, Jets 3 leave Jets 0-13.

It leaves them three more losses from the suspicious distinction of joining the 2008 Lions and the 2017 Browns to become the third team in NFL history to be 0-16.

More importantly, it leaves three more losses from the promised land of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence to be number one in the draft in the spring.

Of course, Jets fans were happy with this loss, but were they happy to see the miserable product on display on Sunday?

“Last week was probably a week [loss] Jets coach Adam Gace told Raiders that he lost 31-28. “But they all make you feel like s–t.”

Insults come in all shapes and sizes for Jets.

A week ago, it was a cheating of defense coordinator Greg Williams’ coach, who fired him before breakfast the next day.

Sam Darnold and Jamal Adams
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On Sunday in Seattle, Seahawks Safety Jamal Adams assumed that he would spend a day repairing and rubbing it on the face of the previous team.

Instead, Seattle kicker Jason Myers played a role in reminding us of the poor affairs decisions Jets made before the current administration.

Myers achieved 91.7% of the field goals and won the Pro Bowl invitation in 2018. Jets mysteriously chose not to re-sign him. When the Myers scored a 41-yard field goal to give the Seahawks a 17-3 lead in the second quarter, it was the 17th consecutive make-up this season, 28 consecutive times back in the last season. ..

Jets has been frustrated by the kicker since Myers was left with a deal with Seattle. Sergio Castillo missed three field goals in the first half. It’s possible that Jets was within 23-12 at least half.

“We needed them all,” Gase said.

Want more green slime on your face?

Formerly unsuccessful Jets quarterback Geno Smith has allowed Russell Wilson to relax on the sideline in the fourth quarter after the Seahawks match. No one in the history of garbage time has enjoyed garbage time more than Smith did on this day.

Of course, Smith has been known since Jets’ time for being repositioned by his teammate IK Enempari on the locker room suckers, above all in the field.

Former Jets, who has a good night’s sleep in Seattle, has a good life, thank you.

Pete Carroll is one of the league’s most victorious coaches and has been thriving there for years.

“It’s terrible to endure,” Carroll said, referring to Jets’ struggle. “Playing this game is painful and you have to suffer all year round. I knew [their struggles] enter [to the game]But during the game, it was clear that it was hard for them and difficult to get over. “

Carroll’s offensive coordinator, Brian Schotttenheimer, did not earn the proper credit for participating in two AFC Championship games with Mark Sanchez in the first two seasons as a Jets quarterback. But it’s also thriving in Seattle. His name has emerged as a potential head coach. candidate.

Adams set the best sack record in defensive back history when he defeated Darnold in the first half and pushed the limits.

“If I say I’m not just sitting on the sidelines and shaking my head, I lie to you because I know how hard they work. I’ve been with them for three years. We were together, “said Adams.

Then there were Myers and Smith, who even worked on the injured Brandon Shell, which started on Sunday.

Each of them must have seen an apologetic jet across the field and thanked their Christmas stars for their ability to escape the swamp and move forward and prosper.

Jets are poorly managed, poorly trained and lost in the wilderness. There are no signs that they will prosper immediately — no Trevor Lawrence or Trevor Lawrence. This is bigger than one player, one quarterback.

“I know there’s a lot of frustration over there,” Adams said. “I hope they understand it correctly.”

Jets’ incompetence stimulates Seahawks sympathy: “terrible”

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