Jets didn’t go very well into the bi-week

Jets still said goodbye in search of identity.

It is difficult to know exactly who the 2021 Jet is through the five games. They are young We know that. They have played the rookie more than any other NFL team. It is sometimes shown, with early disjointed play and some rough play on the way to 1-4.

rookie The most notable is quarterback Zach Wilson., of course. Wilson has some really bad moments (4 interceptions against the Patriots) and reasons for hope (4 times)Two 50-yard highlight throws against Titan).

Wilson Looks like a newcomer early on.. He had a hard time getting the ball out on time, which led to 18 bags. He also threw the most intercepts (9 times) in the NFL. But you can see his talent and why Jets chose him second. Wilson has the unusual ability to make things happen when a play collapses. The next step is to play within the offense structure.

Wilson and offense seem to be getting all the attention, but Jets’ defense is working well this season. The unit stumbled against the Falcons in London on Sunday, but it’s hard to blame the defense for how much it was on the field. The unit, led by defense coordinator Jeff Ulbrich, kept Jets in the game even when the attacks splattered.

Zach Wilson scrambles in the backfield against Titan.
Robert Sabo of NY Post

First-year coach Robert Saleh brought energy and vision to the team early in the season. Now he needs to solve the problems the team has early in the game and build up some more wins. No one expects Jets to be a playoff candidate, but fans want to see respect for the rest.

I have plenty of time to look ahead. Let’s look back at the first five games.

Most Valuable Player

CJ Mosley was great Returning after missing most of 2019 due to injury and 2020 after opting out. Mosley is everywhere on the field, leading the team with 45 tackles. He also has one bag, a defensive pass, and a compulsory fumble. However, the value of Mosley exceeds statistics. He is the glue in the middle of a very young defense. He makes all defensive calls and makes sure people are in the right place.

New York Jets CJ Mosley reacts after fighting New England Patriots Kendrick Bourne.
New York Jets CJ Mosley reacts after fighting New England Patriots Kendrick Bourne.
Charles Wenselberg / New York Post

Lowest value player

No player comes to mind here. Jets usually have overpaid and unachieved people, but this year it’s not. Instead, I choose the position group, the tight end. The jet hasn’t gotten anything from the tight end and should be Wilson’s security blanket. Tyler Croft (6 catches, 46 yards) and Ryan Griffin (8 catches, 49 yards) need to pick it up.

The biggest surprise

The secondary is working pretty well. There were many concerns as we entered the season about going with 1st and 2nd grade players in the cornerback, but they held up. Bryce Hall Michael Carter II had a really great moment. It’s even more impressive considering that Jets couldn’t start the safety of Lamarcus Joyner (4 games missed) and Marcus Maye (2 games) due to an injury.

The biggest disappointment

What I heard when Saleh and Mike LaFleur were hired as coaches and attack coordinators was how they attacked the 49ers, which meant running the ball. Uh … Jets is in 30th place in the NFL attacking in a hurry. Their longest run is 17 yards, and the team has only hit 100 yards in a hurry.

The best moment

When you are 1-4, there aren’t many moments to choose from. Victory against the Titans is a simple call here. Jets got some relief from his first win of the season. Titans kicker Randy Bullock missed a field goal overtime, but Jets wasn’t worried about style points. Zach Wilson’s 53-yard touchdown strike on Corey Davis This game is the highlight of this season’s single player.

New York Jets defensive end Shaq Lawson celebrates with his teammates after Tennessee Titans kicker Randy Bullock misses an attempt to conclude the match.
New York Jets defensive end Shaq Lawson celebrates with his teammates after Tennessee Titans kicker Randy Bullock misses an attempt to conclude the match.

Worst moment

The shutout defeat to Broncos was embarrassing. Jets lost 26-0 to a good team, not a great team in Denver. Wilson’s four-time interception game against the Patriots is the second closest.

The most obvious statistics

Jets had the ball with the lead for just 3 minutes and 33 seconds this season. Their biggest lead was 7 points. It’s hard to play when you’re always trying to come from behind.

The most mysterious development

NS The story of Denzel Maimusu It was very strange. The coach clearly doesn’t trust the second round pick of 2020, but produces it when playing (24.3 yards per catch). He has the potential to become a playmaker. He just has to get on the field.

New York Jets wide receiver Denzel Mimes.
New York Jets wide receiver Denzel Mimes.

Future decisions

GM Joe Douglas needs to decide who he wants to move during the November 2 trading deadline. Mei is a candidate and his agent has revealed that Mei welcomes the move. Will his recently revealed drunk driving arrest scare the team? I understand.

Another notable player is the slot receiver Jamison Crowder. He is the final year of the deal, preventing rookie Elijah Moore from playing any more slots. Jets may decide to trade with Clouder to pave the way for Moore.

Jets didn’t go very well into the bi-week

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