Jets’ 2020 draft class full of growing concerns

Meky Becton posted a photo of his huge right leg on Tuesday. I had knee surgery..

This was a good image for the Jets 2020 draft class, where Becton was at the top. Currently, the class has been beaten, dragged and wants a quick recovery.

of Sunday defeat to the PatriotsOnly one of the nine players Jets drafted in 2020 was on the field. The fifth round of Pick Bryce Hall started with a cornerback. The rest of his classmates were the audience. Four of the jets in that class are currently on the disabled list. Two have been cut. And the two were inactive because of the game.

It doesn’t look good for General Manager Joe Douglas. This is his first draft class and it’s too early to panic, but the concerns are natural. Injuries are something you can’t control, but this class has an amazing number of injuries and struggles to stay in the field.

The nine-person class has played a total of 80 games over the last two seasons, or 8.9 games per player. By category, Dolphins have 13.2 games per player from a class of 11 players, Bills have 10.4 games per player from 7 players, and the Patriots have 9.7 games per player from a class of 10 players.

The 2021 Jets class has shown many possibilities early on. Jets plays more rookies than any other team with eight starters. But the idea is to stack up good draft classes, and even if the 2021 class pans out, Jets still lags behind if the 2020 class becomes another lost class like many of the recent drafts. I am.

Meky Becton had a hard time staying in the field due to an injury.
Meky Becton had a hard time staying in the field due to an injury.
Bill Kostroun; Meky Bekton / Twitter

Becton looked like a rookie stud when in the field, but the tackle on the left was frequently injured. He suffered another injury this spring, after which the training camp became poor and was summoned by aggressive coordinator Mike La Fleur. In the first week, Becton injured his knee. The surgery will prevent Becton from leaving for at least 4-8 weeks. This could be the path to a very talented Becton’s strong career, but the old saying is that availability is the most important ability, and he misses a lot of time.

The biggest mystery was the second round pick Denzel Mimes.. The 6-foot-3 wide receiver from Baylor was slowed down by a hamstring injury as a rookie, but was promising in nine games with 23 catches at 357 yards. However, he has not clicked on the new coaching staff and is currently buried in the depth chart. He played only three snaps in the first week and was inactive last week. It’s hard to see how he quickly finds his way in the field.

Jets took two players in the third round — Safety Ashtin Davis and Defensive End Jabari Zuniga — and neither has had a major impact. Davis is participating in IR and is still recovering from Lisfranc joint injury after the rookie season. He is eligible to leave the IR before the match against Titans on October 3rd. Zniga was cut by Jets at the end of the training camp, but signed a practice team.

Denzel Mimes and Ramical Perine
Neither Denzel Maimusu nor Ramical Perine have seen this season’s game action.
Bill Cost Loan (2)

Round four players were repelling Lamical Perine, quarterback James Morgan, and aggressive lineman Cam Clark. Perine showed her promise as a rookie (64 rushes, 232 yards, 2 touchdowns) and had a strong training camp, but the first two games were another player who was inactive. Jets has Michael Carter, Tevin Coleman and Ty Johnson running back, so it’s hard to see Perine on the field unless he’s injured. Morgan has been cut and is now on the Panthers practice team. Clark suffered a horrific end-of-season spinal cord injury at a training camp.

The last two players selected were contributors. The pick hole in the 5th round is the beginning of the cornerback and is going well. The Panther Bradenman, filmed in Round 6, was decent as a rookie, but is currently in IR due to a knee injury and will not be back for a few weeks.

Draft class ratings can change significantly over time. This class may find a foothold and provide some foundation for the next decade of jets.

But now this group is hurt.

Jets’ 2020 draft class full of growing concerns

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