Jet signs a four-year contract with Elijah Moore in the second round

Jets has signed a deal with Elijah Moore, a second round draft topic. The team announced on Wednesday night..

The four-year slot contract is worth $ 8.94 million, including a $ 3.86 million contract, and the rookie wide receiver contract includes a full 1-3 year warranty. According to ESPN’s report..

The deal with Moore, 34th from Mississippi in the April draft, means that top pick Zach Wilson is the only unsigned Jets rookie.

21-year-old Moore led all FBS receivers with two major reception statistics, 10.8 catches per game and 149.1 yards per contest, despite opting out of the last two games of the 2020 season. ..

Moore, who was the first team All-SEC selection of last season at 5 feet 9, 178 pounds, finished with 86 receptions, a school record, with 1,193 yards and 16 touchdowns.

Elijah Moore
Elijah Moore

“He’s dynamic,” Robert Saleh said in a statement to the “When he picks up the ball, he’s something different. His ability to separate on the route, perform jet sweeps, and come out of the backfield — he’s very versatile. I’m ecstatic that he can get to us. There’s not much he can’t do. “

Moore had a moment like Odell Beckham with Olemis last season. He spent the 2019 egg bowl on the rebels after being punished for celebrating the touchdown by pretending to crawl and urinate like a dog. After a 15-yard penalty, kicker Luke Morgan missed an additional 35 yards and Ole Miss lost to rival Mississippi 21-20.

Beckham took a similar pose in 2017 with the defeat of the 27-24 Giants to the Eagles.

Moore he said after the draft I learned “countless things” from the incident..

“You need to learn how to be a man and just to control when your emotions get hot and the situation gets hot,” Moore said. “You must best believe in moving forward in that position again, I will think about it.

“It’s definitely a disguised blessing. I probably got more from it, and I’ll never change it for the world. If I had to start over, I’m in my position now. I hope you can understand that. “

Jet signs a four-year contract with Elijah Moore in the second round

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