Jessica Chastain Redeem Evangelist for “Tammy Faye” | Entertainment

The most popular, The PTL Club, is their flagship program, reaching 13 million households. The constant appeal for donations from viewers, including Disney-style theme parks and resorts in South Carolina, Heritage USA, helped boost their ministry.

But sex and financial scandals have defeated their empire. Backer (played by Andrew Garfield in the movie) paid a woman who said she had sexually assaulted, using state funds. (Backer denied it.) He was found guilty in 1989 for claiming pledges with false promises while manipulating millions of people to pay for the couple’s extravagant lifestyle. Received.

Messner, who applied for divorce while the backer was imprisoned, was not charged. But she took more lumps in public opinion. She was ridiculed at “Saturday Night Live”. Chastain recognized a complex woman who was mistreated.

“I knew it was important to me in terms of gender, in terms of correcting the mistakes that the media felt made to her. All of us, including me, had a collective memory that was not accurate. I had it. “

“The Eyes of Tammy Fay” is the most dramatic film ever for Show Alter, a comedian of “The State” who has made his second career as a filmmaker. “The Big Sick” — Often a blend of surreal and painfully realistic.

“I really like characters that are out of step with the world,” says Showalter. “I think Tammy Faye is so really compelling. She was this kind of laughing stock, but the time was really generous to her. In retrospect, we’re her credit. I noticed that there was a much more real person there than I admitted. “

Jessica Chastain Redeem Evangelist for “Tammy Faye” | Entertainment

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