Jersey City’s $ 4,320 / month two-bedroom apartment

Last summer, when the pandemic was still going on, Molly Bath was thinking of moving from a one-bedroom apartment in Jersey City, NJ to Brooklyn, NY.

Many of Bath’s friends live in Brooklyn, and Bath, 27, and her boyfriend, Nicholas Corrado, 26, tell CNBC MakeIt that they “want to try a new neighborhood.” The couple also desperately needed additional space to set up their telecommuting. Bath is a strategist at a consulting agency in Manhattan, and Corrado works in real estate.

There was only one problem. The equipment provided in the Brooklyn building was inferior to the equipment we were accustomed to in Jersey.

“None of what we found was really inspiring to our interests,” says Bath. “So we’re back in Jersey City.” In fact, they were staying in the same luxury condominium, but upgraded to a larger apartment upstairs.

Bath and Collard will pay $ 3,012 a month for a one-bedroom apartment in Jersey City, and will pay $ 4,320 a month for a two-bedroom apartment.

2 bedrooms turned into office space

When moving last summer, a top priority was to find a place with home office space that could be used to “give more space and flexibility to our work schedule,” Bath said. say. (The hybrid schedule will continue even after the office reopens in September.)

“Previously, when two people called, one had to go into the bedroom and one stay in the living room,” she says.

The couple looked for a second bedroom or an apartment with a small study. The monthly budget was limited to $ 4,500. “We happened to find two beds within our budget, which was really great,” says Bath.

Photo by Beatrice Bajueros.

Currently, with two bedrooms, Bath usually works in the office room during the day, and Corrado works in the living room and kitchen. Then, at night, he starts playing video games with his friends in the office.

According to Bath, the office also helps separate work from home. “I have my office so I can focus more on it,” she says. “Then, when you want to take a break, you can get out here and talk to him or play a little on the couch.”

Nick Corrado and Molly Bath in a two bedroom apartment

Photo by Beatrice Bajueros.

Pay more for amenities

The equipment in the apartment was for sale when I stayed in Jersey City. “We get more here for our money [than in Brooklyn]I’m paying a fair amount of rent, “she says.

For Bath, the gym in the building with several Peloton bikes and a fitness studio is a big perk. “I’m a big fan of Peloton. I ride a few times a week,” she says. “That was another thing we were thinking about when we were moving. If we moved to another apartment, I would probably want to buy my own Peloton bike.”

There is also a resident pool on the roof with a grill area and a dog run. “We’re starting to make friends, and it’s really fun to hang out by the pool, especially when it gets very hot during the summer here,” she says.

Photo by Beatrice Bajueros.

The building also has a 24-hour concierge service, a packaging room, and an Amazon hub for pick-up and returns. There is also a coffee shop in the lobby, with ample seating area for work, meetings and relaxation.

“The best view of New York City”

Jersey City is located in northeastern New Jersey, adjacent to Lower Manhattan. From the dining room table in Bath, she can see the southern tip of Manhattan out the window. Elsewhere in the apartment, you’ll have views of the Empire State Building and Midtown.

Photo by Beatrice Bajueros.

“I always tell people, you get the best view of New York City from Jersey City,” says Bath.

Photo by Beatrice Bajueros.

Jersey City’s $ 4,320 / month two-bedroom apartment

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