Jerky Boys are back with a new prank call album

Most people make one or two prank calls. However, few people can turn a boy’s hyzink into a career.

Then 59-year-old Johnny Brennan is reviving his antique as half a comedy duo. Jerky Boys has a new album for a new generation of jerk.

Born and raised in Manhattan and raised in Queens, Troublemaker began making fake phone calls at the age of seven. “I always broke someone else’s chop,” he said. As a teenager, he occasionally recorded them. By 1985, when Brennan was in his twenties, his local companion Kamal Ahmed had joined the madness. They drew funny voice characters for prank calls, often in response to newspaper ads, and they made waves on the radio and later on the internet.

In 1992, Brennan’s mother was inspired when she heard her son trying to create a group name for himself and Ahmed. “She said,’Why shouldn’t we call ourselves just jerky boys?'” Brennan told the post. “We always called people” jerky. ” It was magic. “

Brennan is back 27 years after the Boys first unleashed their brand of auditory terrorism to the world. A married man with two grown-up daughters — “they are used to my voice and listen to them all day long,” he said — he is brand new, annoying victims and tickling listeners. We are releasing a fresh collection of intestinal-destroying combos. “The Jerky Boys” will be dropped on Friday and will be available streaming and vinyl from Amazon.

Kamal Ahmed, John Brennan, 1995.
Kamal Ahmed, John Brennan, 1995.© Touchstone Pictures / Courtesy E

“Our world is a wacky place, which is perfect for what I’m doing,” said Brennan, who recently worked solo when Ahmed stopped making and acting films in 1997. It was. The Jerky Boys Project is about absurdity. We’ve always been thought to be off the wall, but now everyone can laugh. “

Voices and gags are still disgusting, but technology has made a big difference in capturing calls. “It’s more convenient,” Brennan said. “My buddies have customized the Galaxy Note phone so that every incoming and outgoing call is recorded. I made most of the calls to this album from my car — in Cornwall, NY. I parked right in front of the police station with a huge cell tower. The call was never cut off. “

In the analog era of the early 90’s, Jerky Boys’ homemade tapes began to spread in the New York music scene when calls were recorded on cumbersome radio-cassette cassettes via speakerphones. “Howard Stern heard a few phone calls and said he wanted to know who this guy was,” recalled Brennan, who was involved in the construction at the time. “People who knew told me to wear a stern because everyone is talking about me. I came out of the woodwork and hung from the scaffolding before being signed by Atlantic Records. It was. “

The new release begins where the Boys were interrupted. Brennan has revived characters from the 1990s, such as the whining and confused Sol Rosenberg and the hostile Frank Reso. “Frank is based on my dad and he’s a typical New York loudmouth,” said Brennan, who gets a ticket from RushTix at 9pm on Friday for a live-streaming discussion. “Sol is based on my mom. She always tells people that it was golden that she woke me up to school in the morning.”

Brennan heard her mother’s snorting and said, “‘Get out of bed. It’s school time!” She always made me laugh. Then I will imitate her and be beaten. “

He is currently receiving a reward — through such releases and an ongoing gig aloud the character Mote Goldman in “Family Guy”. (Fans may find that Mote is very similar to Sol.)

But he claims it’s not rocket science. The call writes itself.

“You make people angry and then roll on it. I set up a messy situation,” he said. For example, in the new album, Sol calls an unpretentious iRobot customer service worker looking for a fake attacked by a company robot vacuum cleaner with a knife attached. “Then I just react with my personality. Some people are ignorant. Others want to strip your head. Of course, these lines are always the best.”

Jerky Boys are back with a new prank call album

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