“Jeopardy” contestants confuse Public Enemy with Funky Bunch

What is far cry??

Jeopardy contestant Harry Reyhard faced Twitter’s anger Wednesday night when he confused the popular throwback hip-hop group.

The gameplay “Chuck D, Times 3” category included prompts for Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, and Public Enemy’s Rapper Chuck D. Current host Meim Bialik Read the following clues:

“In the 1990s, Chuck D began to fight the power of this hip-hop group and Flavor Flav, who always knew when it was.”

Attorney Ryherd hesitated and replied, “What is a funky bunch?”, Mentioning Marky Mark (or Mark Wahlberg)’s hip-hop group.

Remember that Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch sang in 1991 “Good vibration” Public enemies are known in the 1988s “Fight the Power”

The wrong response cost Ryherd $ 600 and was heavily rebuked on social media.

Contestant Halley Ryherd tweeted that he “talked to the therapist” about what is known for his embarrassed blunders.

“Tonight, I was watching Jeopardy with my mom and a category about Chuck D appeared.” Shared by one user.. “When I was asked which group Chuck D belonged to, and a woman answered Funky Bunch, Mom looked at me and said Public Enemy. Thank you for being Mom and she. Said. “

“Thanks to @Jeopardy, you can now search for” Chuck D and Funky Bunch “on @Twitter to find myriad posts that make you laugh in hysterics. ” Equipment..

“This guy from #Jeopardy thought Chuck D was in a funky group. She should be admitted that she’s probably the most wrong.” Written by another person..

“Today is the day when music died.” Another said..

But Chuck D himself sticks to the brains and says, “Not everyone knows everything … so wherever you go, no matter who you talk to … it’s just courtesy, but sadly. , Don’t know the other Chuck D. “

Ryherd was fun There was also a topical blunder, and he wrote: “I talked to the therapist. I think I’m ready to confuse Public Enemy with Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch at @Jeopardy. #Mylegacy.”

She too Quote Tweet Chuck D TweetWrite, “You know honestly @MrChuckD It was better about this than my step-in-law going to reunion with our family next week. “

Public enemy portrait
(Clockwise from bottom left): 1988 Public Enemy Flavor Flab, Professor Griff, Terminator X, S1W, Chuck D.
Michael Ox Archive
Marky Mark on stage
Mark Wahlberg (also known as Marky Mark), a marquee mark and funky bunch, performed around 1990.
Popperfoto via Getty Images

“Jeopardy” contestants confuse Public Enemy with Funky Bunch

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