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Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer: Should I Consider Dating An Old Friend?

rumor suggestion Jennifer Aniston When David Schwimmer I’m spending a little more time together.

The report is friend A reunion where the actors who played the on-screen lovers Ross and Rachel admitted that they were feeling each other when the show was filmed. Schwimmer said: And at some point, I think the two of us were crushed hard by each other, but one of us was always involved and never crossed that boundary, so two ships passed. It was like. We respected it. “

Aniston added: “So we turned all our worship and love for each other towards Ross and Rachel.”

Aniston and Schwimmer are currently singles. At this point, it’s all just speculation, but Closer reports sources as follows: .. They started texting shortly after shooting, last month, David I flew from my home in New York and met Jen in Los Angeles. “

Alex Mellor-Brook, Matchmaker and Co-Founder of Select Personal Introductions (, asks the following questions: “They have good friendships. Is there anything else?”

If you are thinking of starting a romantic relationship with a friend, these are some things you might want to think about:

Think about how close you are

For Mellor-Brook, the first thing to think about is what type of friendship you have. “Are they the kind of people you enjoy the party with, or are you really the ones you have the right, right relationship with?” He asks.

This is important before the transition from friendship to relationships. Mellor-Brook adds: It? ‘”

Be honest with each other

“Is it one-sided, or are you both in it? You have to be really honest with each other,” says Mellerbrook.

He recommends flirting with each other to help you “get a sense of whether it’s going back and forth.” And if you’re a good friend, “try to be honest with each other so that others don’t misunderstand those signals.”

He adds: Friendship You should be able to do it with others. “

please take it easy

If you’ve known each other for years already, it’s easy to accelerate your relationship, but Mellerbrook cautions.

“If you take the time to find out where it’s heading, you can at least step on the back pedal when you get to the point where you don’t think it’s going anywhere, and you still have very good friends,” he says. .. “Timing is really important.”

Among Mellor-Brook’s clients, he says, clients with successful long-term relationships tend to be “slow burners.” “People who invest their time in each other build that friendship. The strongest relationships are always built on friendship.”

If you’re moving from friendship to relationship, it’s worth taking the time to see if you’re romantically compatible. He advises: “When it’s time to feel emotional about someone, we need to spend time with each other. We need to decide if it’s just friendship. Morality, values, problems.”

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer: Should I Consider Dating An Old Friend?

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