Jeff McNeil’s astonishing pain accounts for most of the Mets’ problems

Almost everywhere Jeff McNeil Played, he hit frequently and hit.

His 2021 was a completely different story.

Mets’ utility man fell below .292 at some point during his full professional season, which wasn’t the case during the first eight years of the organization, but his drop this season. Off was terrible. ..

McNeil played against the Cardinals on Tuesday, hitting .248 at .666 OPS, both of which were the worst in his career. He’s far from the only Mets to have an aggressively down year, which is part of why the team is ranked as one of the worst attacks in the league, but Mets put together a playoff push. His consistent bat is almost lost because he is trying.

“It was different,” manager Luis Rojas said on Tuesday. “For many, that was. He did some stretches here and there. He wasn’t exactly as hot as we had seen him before. He Isn’t as in power as he used to be …. He’s a guy who’s very easy to hit the ball. He wasn’t that guy consistently this year. “

Jeff McNeil
Corey Shipkin

McNeil’s power was also lost. He wasn’t a big home run hitter in most of his minor league career, but in 2018 he recorded 22 on three levels and in 2019 he recorded the highest 23 in his career at Mets.

On Tuesday, he hit six home runs this season. There have been no home runs in the last 39 games. Since his last home run on August 1, McNeil has had a .200 / .255 / .262 slash line.

“It was really hard to explain,” Rojas said. “He puts a lot of balls on the ground this year. The swing is a bit different than in the last few years. But he’s been looking for a while. I think he found himself, but he I lost it just the same day or two days later. It was inconsistent. “

According to the baseball savant, McNeil’s groundball rate was the highest in his career at 46.3 percent. But when it reached .311 at .836 OPS in 2020 and .318 at .916 OPS in 2019, it was 44.4 percent. His line drive rate has also dropped to 23.5 percent this season.

After McNeil missed in hamstring tension a month earlier this season Then, in July, I fought against “leg fatigue”.Rojas suspected that some of these issues might have affected the lack of production.

“I don’t know if that affected him. From the perspective of the lower half, I was able to work better with his swing to drive the ball better,” Rojas said.

McNeil’s struggle was amplified Monday night when he was emptying at two big spots. The bases loaded was loaded in the first inning, and the runner came out again in the eighth corner. Rojas said he wasn’t worried about McNeil carrying it from game to game, but he often wears his emotions on his sleeves, so he always wants him. I didn’t hide my dissatisfaction.

After a struggle on Monday, he fell to .176 (15-85) batting average with scoring runners this season. This is the area that was mostly successful (hit .326) before this year.

Still, Rojas pointed out that McNeil has been swinging his bat well these days as he hit .290 (9 to 31) in the last nine games until Tuesday. base.

“The two-at-bat approach is like facing two batters in one at bat,” Rojas said. “You have a power hitter who can hit the pullside of the fence early and has a lot of coverage in the strike zone, or you have that crappy two-strike hitter you can’t strike out. He wasn’t the guy, but he feels he’ll finish powerfully. “

Jeff McNeil’s astonishing pain accounts for most of the Mets’ problems

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