Jeff Bezos space travel leads to 60K people asking to deny his return

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and chief executive officer. SAULLOEB / AFP via Getty Images

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos will fly into space in less than a month. Blue Origin’s first passenger.. Traveling at altitudes just beyond the Earth’s atmosphere is likely to take only a few minutes. But many people already don’t want to get him back. Several internet petitions to deny Bezos’ re-entry into Earth have collected tens of thousands of signatures in the weeks following his announcement of his big trip.

Front runner, The title, “Don’t allow Jeff Bezos to return to Earth,” published on two weeks ago, has collected over 44,000 signatures. “Millionaires shouldn’t exist,” the explanation read. “On Earth, or in space, but if they decide on the latter, they should stay there.”

Similar petition Launched at about the same time, it received over 20,000 signatures. “Jeff Bezos is actually Lex Luthor, impersonating what appears to be the owner of a hugely successful online retailer, but he’s actually an evil enthusiast for global domination. It’s a great overlord, “writes Jose Ortiz, the organizer of the petition. “That’s the only way he can leave the atmosphere. In the meantime, our government waits and makes it happen.”

That momentum has sparked unexpected interest in some really weird campaigns. Petition for trends At this week’s, Bezos said, backed by over 11,000 signatures.Mona Lisa.The petition was created over a year ago, but until recently it didn’t start to attract attention.

“Amazon has become a headline again. Jeff Bezos has begun to talk about how to buy the Mona Lisa because he has the money to do it because he makes a big statement,” the petition sponsored. Says Kane Powell. Said to the vice In an interview.

Another old petition that has recently resurfaced is to ask Bezos to repay Puerto Rican government bonds. “Puerto Rico has $ 74 billion in debt,” he read. “Jeff Bezos can pay it in full and is still one of the wealthiest men in the world.” The campaign has collected over 3,000 signatures.

Bezos will board the New Shepard rocket on July 20th for a Blue Origin virgin crew flight. The rocket has been tested more than 12 times, but no passengers are on board.

Bezos flies with his younger brother Mark Bezos, One auction winner who recently bought a flight seat for $ 28 million and a fourth unnamed crew member.

More than 60,000 people have signed a petition denying Jeff Bezos' return to Earth

Jeff Bezos space travel leads to 60K people asking to deny his return

Source link Jeff Bezos space travel leads to 60K people asking to deny his return

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