Jared Leto was once “dismissed to sell weeds” at the cinema

Jared Leto was alive high His teenage life.

The 49-year-old Oscar winner was fired from a movie theater job after being found selling weeds on the premises.

“I used to work in a movie theater when I was a kid, but I was fired for selling weeds from the back door,” Leto said. Ellen DeGeneres during the Tuesday episode of her talk show. “I love going to the movies.”

“I was an entrepreneur” “House of Gucci” Star equipment.

Then he joked that the popcorn and weeds “work together”.

apart from New legal status of weeds in New York And in many cities across the United States, 40 years ago when Leto was a kid, marijuana use was strictly banned and illegal.

Elsewhere in the interview, Leto revealed that his celebrity had a crush during a round of DeGeneres’s “Burning Question” game.

He was fascinated by “I Dream of Jeannie” star Barbara Eden, “Wheel of Fortune” Letter Turner, Vanna White, and … Christopher Walken. “It changed the order,” DeGeneres, 63, said.

Leto is currently starring as Paolo Gucci High fashion drama directed by Ridley Scott “House of Gucci” plays the former design chief of a luxury brand.

“Dallas Buyers Club” actors A hardcore makeover Because of its role, he wears artificial limbs and dark makeup to resemble an aged Paolo.

But critics say he’s not happy with his kitsch Italian accent, which reminds them of the famous video game characters. Super mario bros.

Oscar winners joked that selling weeds as a teenager made him an “entrepreneur.”
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A user tweeted, “Jared Leto’s’Mario!’Approach to Italian accents. This does the job — he should be Bahoon — still rubbing me the wrong way (grown up in Northern Italy) As a person). “

“Look, I tell you, Jared Leto’s Russian accent at the House of Gucci was off the mark.” Another 1 Said.

Jared Leto was once “dismissed to sell weeds” at the cinema

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