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James Cliburn Requests Biden to Nominate Black Secretary of Agriculture

South Carolina Parliamentarian James Clyburn, one of Joe Biden’s most important political supporters, is urging African Americans to be headed by the Ministry of Agriculture in the presidential election.

“I’m sick of people saying that the only American countryside is Nebraska and Iowa,” Cliburn told Thanksgiving posts, referring to the two farm states with the overwhelming majority of white residents.

“We-our ancestors-were brought here to develop plantations in the American countryside,” said Cliburn, the highest-ranking black man in the House of Representatives.

Democrats advocate Ohio General Assembly member Mercia Fudge to be appointed Secretary of Agriculture

Cliburn said it was the blacks in the southern countryside as well as in the cities that drove Biden to win the Democratic nomination for Bernie Sanders.

Cliburn’s support for Biden before the South Carolina primary is said to have turned Biden’s struggling campaign around. Biden, who served as Vice President of Barack Obama for eight years, easily carried South Carolina and the subsequent southern states to a significant number of black primary elections.

“The countryside of the United States is South Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama. It’s Georgia,” Cliburn said of a southern state with a large number of black rural residents.

“It was black local voters who helped Biden carry Georgia in the general election,” a parliamentarian added.

Formerly the Secretary-General of the South Carolina Agricultural Workers Commission, Cliburn is deeply interested in agricultural issues. He said there are various issues that need to be addressed in poor rural areas, such as nutrition, housing, schools and the condition of sewage infrastructure.

According to the New York Times, Biden’s transition is targeting two white Midwestern people to farm posts. Former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp and former Iowa Governor Tom Billsack, who served in the agriculture division of the Obama White House.

Activists on the left — including Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (NY) and Vermont Bernie Sanders — also made a fuss about moderate Biden and promised to include like-minded progressives, like Green. A new contract to embrace the policies that

But the most responsible for creating President Biden is Cliburn, who talks about the black American segment.

James Cliburn Requests Biden to Nominate Black Secretary of Agriculture

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