Jamal Adams’ record night includes a stunning Adam Gase hug

Jamal Adams was forced to leave Jets, but he may think of them affectionately as they helped make history on Sunday.

Seahawks safety appeared on the NFL’s record book on Sunday credited with Sam Darnold’s sack, breaking the defensive back single-season record and over 40-3 wins against Jets in Seattle’s Lumenfield I put the cherry in.

“It feels pretty cool to focus on something,” said Adams, who broke the record when he finished the Jets 6.5 sack last year. “I told myself, and when I failed, I told everyone last year … I was going to break the record. Some thought it was crazy. Some people thought I believed in me, but all that matters is that I believe in myself. “

Adams’ Darnold’s second quarter bag came when he forced Darnold out of bounds with a scramble behind the line of scrimmage, but gave him 8.5 bags during the season and recorded an 8 in 2005 for the Cardinals. I passed Adrian Wilson. Record of only 9 games after missing 4 games due to shoulder problems earlier this season.

Jamal Adams embraces Frankie Ruve.
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The rest of Adams, of course, reminded me of his time at Jets, except for the final result.

Darnold tried to give him an intercept when he threw it at him in the first quarter, but Adams dropped it. He intercepted only two times in three seasons with Jets, leaving a few more on the field.

“Golly, I smoke,” Adams jokingly said. “It was terrible.”

However, Adams was early in the field, often in blitzkrieg, finishing with five tackles, one sack, one tackle, and one pass defense. He also participated in Frank Gore’s tackle before the former Jets and Giants defensive lineman Damon “Snacks” Harrison forced the fumble and the Seahawks recovered and turned to another scoring drive. It was.

Adams’ performance was worthy of a Seahawks game ball. Pete Carroll said he wouldn’t normally give out, but he thought Sunday was justified given his defensive back breaks in Sack’s record.

Adam Gace, who tore on the way out of town, embraced his former safety after the match and said, “Get it,” which means Super Bowl.

“After all, I don’t hate the organization, not just the crap,” Adams said in 2017, the sixth draft franchise overall before trading him this summer. Said about. “Everyone had a different view. We had to make another move. We had to make another leap. Obviously there was a trade, so I’m happy to be here.

“I only want those guys to be the best, I really do. What I mean. Many Jets fans don’t think I’m coming from the bottom of my heart. , I really do. It’s not a matter of course, so thank you for spending time there. “

Jamal Adams’ record night includes a stunning Adam Gase hug

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