Jamal Adams “fought depression” while stuck in Jet Hell

The new deal would not have solved Jamal Adams’ Jets problem.

Before Adams shipped to Seattle in July, the 25-year-old was aiming to be the league’s highest-paying safety. But now Adams realizes that the extension of the contract would not have made his life at Jets so good.

Jamal Adams
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“Bro, I fought depression in New York,” Adams said in the “All Things Covered” podcast. “And I’m enough to say that. I went home with terrible losses and sat in my room in the dark. I didn’t have a phone or TV. (My dad) That’s right. I didn’t want to see me. It killed my pop so much … he then called my agent and said, “Hey, I don’t like my son looking like this. I don’t like it. I need him from this situation. “It has hit my life other than football. “

In Adams’ three seasons in New York, Jets went 16-32. Instead of being part of the league’s only unwinning team this season, Adams was able to make his first career playoff appearance.

“They don’t want to win,” Adams said of Jets. “To be honest, Jets was a laugh. This is what the NFL should be (in Seattle). This is the dream I dreamed of.”

Adams claims that the team delayed contract negotiations and sweared him around the league as being a poor teammate, but Adams said his plan was still to “become a lifetime jet.” It was.

But money wasn’t going to buy a win.

“I was returning the juice to Jets,” Adams said. “I just said to them,” Hey, if you want to keep me a jet for the rest of your life, sit down and talk. This is after the fact they told me, ” We want to offer you an extension. ” … I felt despised.

“Money is a plus, but I love soccer games. I love my job … I was tired of hearing the” year of reconstruction. ” “

Adams’ first season in Seattle wasn’t all roses. He missed four games due to groin tension, and the team lost a series of games to Bills and Rams after he returned.

The Seahawks are still 6-3 and are in the NFC playoff mix.

Jamal Adams “fought depression” while stuck in Jet Hell

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