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Jacob deGrom threw baseball on Sunday.

In fact, he threw many of them. DeGrom’s bullpen session, infamously private and relentlessly fed up with the media, took place long before someone else appeared in Citi Field. DeGrom was also not found in the pre-match clubhouse or in the warm-up field.

“Jacob threw the side today,” Buck Showalter confirmed. “I talked a bit with him. It seems to have worked. See how he feels tomorrow before deciding where and when he will go. The plan is for him to make. [rehab] Start sometime next week. “

Show Alter wasn’t watching the session live, he couldn’t tell reporters how many pitches DeGrom threw, and at the time of the pre-match press conference, the manager wasn’t watching DeGrom’s video.

“Jake knows only what to discuss and the general pain of wear and tear. He is in a good place.”

In each of the last few times Shaw Alter talked about DeGrom, if he is consistent with his message that they will touch his physical condition and feels that everything should be. , DeGrom will start another game with a minor league to decide the next step.

“I know what the plan is, but if something happens that deviates from that plan, we do,” Shaw Alter allowed. “I know what the plan is, but I would rather not put it out there altogether until we reach that step.”

Another lesser-known or less important part of the team, another pitcher, took a step forward in Sunday’s rehab. Trevor May, who last pitched to the Mets on May 2, saw an action with the Binghamton Rumble Pony.

“Trever threw innings today,” Shaw Alter shone. “It worked, 14 pitches, 1 inning, 1 hit, 1 strikeout. He seemed to do well and feel good. I know how he will feel tomorrow, but obviously rehab. We will sell again at. We will probably try to take him in a row somewhere here. “

There was a stress response on the pitching arm, which may have caused inflammation. He owns 8.64 ERA with 8.1 MLB innings thrown before the injury. Then there’s James McCann, hanging out in Citi Field but returning from an injury. The catcher had a diagonal snuff that has been holding him back since 9th July.

“He’s moving pretty fast,” Showalter said of McCann. “They are very bright about it. He hasn’t got a specific mission date yet. They didn’t give me the sheet it was mapped to when, where, but in the near future. , I’m heading towards playing games. I wish I could be more specific. “

Despite the heat wave, the overall pre-match activity on Sunday was in the 90’s, but several Mets, including Jeff McNeil, hit the field. Showalter was asked if he would discourage players from spending unnecessary time in the sun.

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“Yes, we’ve been doing that for about a month,” he said. “In many ways, I think the inside of the facility was too good. I had three or four conversations with the player today, but you have to do it internally.”

The 66-year-old Shaw Alter said weather wouldn’t be a big deal for a 26-year-old player, but he noticed an extreme situation.

“What’s that old country music song? The old woman sits down and talks about the old man. The old men sit down and talk about the weather. That’s a great line. I’m not going into global warming, and it’s more. Is it hot, not hotter, more damp? It’s just summer. We’ve been playing for years in July, August, and September. “

Daniel Vogelbach’s first match as Met was aired on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball for viewers nationwide. Vogelbach made his Mets debut by playing 6th batter, DH, and wearing 32nd. He was on the Citi Field team on Saturday, but as Padres began to be left-handed, Show Alter chose to give Vogelback a day to adapt without playing baseball.

“I’m glad he was able to do that,” Shaw Alter congratulated himself. “He’s very friendly and comfortable. Who doesn’t like Daniel? He’s a very attractive character. I can say he’s really happy to be here.”

While Vogelbach made his first start on Sunday, Mets sent other recent trade pickups to Triple A. Michael Perez, Catcher from Pittsburgh In exchange for a huge amount of cash, return to the rhythm of joining Syracuse Mets and playing games.

“I’ll send him to secure a turn at bat,” said Shaw Alter. “He hasn’t had a turn at bat since the 14th [with Pittsburgh].. “

Jacob DeGrom takes the next step on his way home with a bullpen session – New York Daily News

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