Jacob DeGrom of Mets passed two important tests on historic MLB day

Two observations on this historic day at Citi Field:

  1. Only Champ will be caught by something sticky to his person.
  2. Only the champion can defeat Jacob DeGrom

Coincidentally (thanks to the schedule) the best pitcher in baseball The first Harler to actively search for foreign objects, Passed the test twice in Flying Color. There is no surprise there. DeGrom can attribute his great success to speeds that, unlike spin speeds, cannot be magically increased through spider tacks, pelican grips, or other such adhesives.

More important for Ace and his club, DeGrom threw five dominant innings on Monday, breaking through a staggering streak of short consecutive starts with two injuries. Make the Mets win the Braves 4-2 In Game 1 of this doubleheader, we calmed down the dissenting opinions raised by many, including the current company, and moved forward with a right-handed person rather than putting him aside with great care.

“I don’t like getting out of baseball games [early]”Deglom said. “Hopefully the last one was the last one of the year.”

Indeed, DeGrom’s wear has been largely exacerbated unless Mets outfielders Albert Almora Jr. and Dom Smith were unable to track Kevan Smith’s five flyballs into the left-centered field. It didn’t look like it. According to Statcast, the .030’s two Cy Young Award winners may have run in his first no-hitter no-run, albeit in the form of a shortened seven-inning.

Jacob deGrom
Jacob deGrom
Charles Wenselberg / New York Post

“Health is more important than a special game, isn’t it? Especially about what happened this season,” said manager Luis Rojas when asked if he lifted DeGrom no-no after five frames (and 70 pitches). I meditated. Nevertheless, Skipper refused to formally answer the question. Almora, who apologized to Lohas for the snuff, may be the best bet if he didn’t communicate well with Smith.

DeGrom’s four-seam fastball hit three-digit numbers five times, and the slider made up three of the six strikeouts. In his one-bat, his teammates “struck” the ball in two outs, three outs, and two outs, as he said, and jumped into the centerfield. A 33-year-old child can move forward with confidence that his health will be off the storyline. This gives people more time to think about their usage and lack of stickiness.

The long-awaited search and seizure almost apologized when dramatic home plate referee Ben May trots to cut off deGrom in the foul territory after 1-2-3 on his way to the dugout of Mets. It looked like. First top. Crew chef Ron Kurpa rushed from third base and examined DeGrom’s gloves, caps, and belts while DeGrom grinned and booed the Mets faithfully. Then the referee was convinced that their target was innocent, and cheers erupted, telling DeGrom that he was free to go. This process was repeated the fifth time and DeGrom passed again. The Braves counterpart Kyle Muller was also the first all rescuer of both clubs.

Jacob deGrom
Jacob DeGrom hands his glove to the referee after the top of the first inning.
Charles Wenselberg / New York Post

“I didn’t care about that,” said Deglom.

“I was crazy about it. I was really interested,” Lohas admitted. “There are some innings [when there] It may be an emotion, but I don’t know. But hopefully, this process will make everything fluid and timely. … It was okay from the first trial in that first game. Let’s see how it moves forward. “

How ridiculous do pitchers need to be caught? These humps do not recreate Frank Drebin’s in-depth investigation into the “The Naked Gun” Angels pitcher. Like steroids, it will be as many IQ tests as any other.

But for Mets, it was widely believed that their studs were not the main criminals, so they faced greater concern and overcame them. They still have the game’s prime arm and can pass important and ridiculous tests.

Jacob DeGrom of Mets passed two important tests on historic MLB day

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