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I’ve been traveling for 24 years – here are 5 outfits you should always have in your suitcase

A woman who’s been traveling the world for 24 years has revealed the 5 outfits she always packs in her airport carry-on.

Ana Escalante is a fashion guru who has traveled the world. JapanSpain, California, New York.


Fashion guru Ana Escalante shared the 5 outfits she packs in her carry-onCredit: Valencianas / Instagram

Over the years, she has put in hundreds of hours. airport She travels and shares her five favorite outfits on online fashion websites. who wears what.

black pants and white shirt

Some outfits are classic for a reason, but Ana gave her airport jogging bottoms upgrade.

She recommends packing comfy black pants and a white t-shirt for a cooler look.

She said: “Nearly all fashion Capital you are in, this timeless combo never fails. ”

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jeans and striped top

Another classic combination that Ana can’t go without is denim jeans and a striped t-shirt.

she said: “breton stripe But it’s not just for French girls and tourists.The classic combo can be worn with almost any type of bottom and still look good together.

comfortable two piece

Jogging bottoms might be out of Ana’s carry-on, but they’re comfortable. Matching two-piece set Highly approved.

Pair your outfit with a crossbody bag for the budding vacationer who wants to look put together – you will Pinterest– Approved in no time.

little black dress

Wherever you are in the world, dress up for at least one night and trendy bar.

She said, “If you’re anything like me and live in comfortable clothes 24/7, you need the best evening wear for the occasion of a night out on the streets of a strange city. .

“Regardless of location, weather or current trend cycle, LBD [little black dress] The sentence wallet never goes out of fashion. ”

leggings with fleece sweater

The final outfit Ana packs in her carry-on bag is arguably her most comfortable ensemble, a pair of leggings, Big white socks, a beanie and a nice fleece.

she called them her continue A lifesaver if your luggage gets lost en route.

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Ana recommends packing denim jeans and a striped T-shirt


Ana recommends packing denim jeans and a striped T-shirtCredit: Valencianas / Instagram I’ve been traveling for 24 years – here are 5 outfits you should always have in your suitcase

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