It’s not just a new design, it also has many problems for Microsoft using Windows 11.

Microsoft played Windows 11 It uploads really well.The set is set to get the first glance of the next generation Windows Hours later, Microsoft chief Satya Nadella has already called it “one of the most important Windows updates in the last decade.” I have a test build that seems to be running a round, but the origin remains a mystery (and something that should never be installed), but provided some hints on what’s happening along the way. Maybe just. There is a lot of conversation between users about the expected new design, streamlining multitasking, and even exchanging Skype for Microsoft Teams as an integration option. Still, for Microsoft, there are many more issues, not just a new look.

Let’s start with a few numbers. Also, how many people are using Windows on their PCs? As of May 2021 figures by online research firm Netmarketshare, Windows With a 87.5% market share in the desktop operating system world, Apple’s macOS is just under 10%. In the wider world of all operating systems, including mobile, Android leads with 41.42% as of May, followed by Windows with 30.86%. Within these numbers, fragmentation occurs among Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and even Windows 7 users. In March of this year, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 has already recorded installations on 1 billion active devices around the world, including PCs and Xbox consoles. Now you can see how important Windows as a product is to Microsoft.

Microsoft As we develop the present, we are doing an important job of connecting the past and the future. That is the highest priority. In line with Microsoft’s greater focus at the time, Windows eventually evolved from a product that pays for each new release to a more service-oriented one. It is expected to be constantly alive, constantly updated, and constantly evolving. That was hope, and that was the plan for Windows 10. Given that it’s running on over a billion PCs, it worked pretty well.Microsoft called in 2015 Windows 10 as the last version of Windows.. And when Windows 11 came out all these years later and Microsoft changed its mind about the operating system, there’s no way for Microsoft to give up the rest of its journey.

Windows 10 upgrades, which are mostly free of charge, allow for quick updates, but with the end of support for Windows 7 in early 2020, PC shipments will increase throughout all quarters of 2019. There was a tendency. For the first time since 2011, it was promoted by companies and individuals upgrading desktops and laptops. And after 2019 recorded full-year growth, shipments increased significantly in 2020 as well. Coronavirus pandemic Millions of people switch to work from home and need machines to actually work. Research firm Canalys reports that by 2020, PC shipments will be 297 million units, 11% more than in 2019.

Microsoft believes that updating Windows will be a good move for the business today, as PC shipments are pretty impressive in a row and are expected to be in the same trend in 2021. It’s no wonder. Whether it’s selling a new PC, upgrading an old user (even if it’s free) and investing in a Microsoft 365 subscription, it makes a lot of sense from a Microsoft revenue perspective. More people are buying PCs and spending more time on them than ever before. The company announced in May that users spend 75% more time on Windows 10 year-over-year. This greatly enhances your business case, even if you need Windows as your product line.

Then there is the threat from Google And Apple.. Google’s Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks have the most volume and have fought at the lower end of the pricing scale where Microsoft and most OEM partners such as HP, Acer, and Lenovo have invested heavily. Only updated Windows would be good news, Chromebooks also streamlined for the educational requirements you’re trying to check. And at the other end of the price range is the threat from Apple and the longest-running Mac lineup.

The timing is like that, and after all the tests, Windows 11 could be rolled out this fall.That’s when it’s called this year’s big macOS update macOS Monterey, Will also be deployed for Mac users. Annual macOS updates are released free of charge for compatible Mac devices, and Apple usually maintains a very broad support band for this. And the focus is to get people to spend on services like iCloud and Apple Music. Against this background, Microsoft may not be able to go back to the pre-Windows 10 era of Windows update billing.

Last but not least Focus on developers.. The Windows Store for apps and games Company Promise to App Developers and Creators, To improve the app store experience on Windows PCs. “Our promise is this. Today, we are looking for the most innovative and new open platform to offer more opportunities for all Windows developers to build, distribute and monetize their applications. We welcome the authors and look forward to sharing them in the near future, “Nadella said in a keynote. At this time, not all apps are available in the Windows Store, including rival web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Vivaldi. It’s just scraping the surface. We need to do more to help developers earn more money.

After all, all the excitement and noise can continue to be about the visual changes brought about by the next Windows Update, new features, and when customers will actually be able to download them to their PCs. But Windows plays a much bigger role for Microsoft, and undoubtedly Windows plays a very important role for Microsoft. The undeniable platform advantage for Microsoft is the ability to build Windows 10. In most cases this is solid.

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It’s not just a new design, it also has many problems for Microsoft using Windows 11.

Source link It’s not just a new design, it also has many problems for Microsoft using Windows 11.

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