It’s hard not to feel sorry for these non-victorious jets

Weekly, game-by-week, there is a necessity around these Jets football games, and this Jets season. It is a myth that everyone who supports Jets is now actively supporting 0-16. Feeling that way goes against all the fibers in the fan cord. People may say they want 0-16. But no one wants it in a fan’s resume.

Just as we learned to minimize voting during political movements, the answers people actually feel are often different, so some jet fans celebrate their defeat with a straight face on Monday morning. Is the same.

(Note: This doesn’t mean they’re disappointed with the loss, but enjoyed the blocked punts that set a 6-0 lead on Sunday, part of you (with muscle memory). Call, call it a habit), it enjoyed a goalline turnover that kept it for a few more seconds, it put your shoes on the TV screen when Joe Flacco’s Pick Six regained the order of the day I wanted to throw it in. You don’t have to admit, of course, it’s loud.)

It helps if Jaguar wins another game. It will change the dynamics of this Jets season, now at 0-10, following this 34-28 defeat to the Los Angeles Chargers. The Jaguars succumbed after giving Packers 59 and a half minutes of worry last week. They led the Steelers 3-0 on Sunday before Pittsburgh returned to reality.

And if we could get a one-on-one consensus about The Ohio State University quarterback Justin Fields, it would be as attractive as Trevor Lawrence, Clemson’s quarterback, which is loved by many Jets fans. There is a possibility. .. However, Fields had a relatively normal day against Indiana on Saturday. Lawrence is still the gold standard. Lawrence is the target. Lawrence is a guy.

And the people of Jacksonville certainly feel that way.

Joe Flacco
Joe Flacco escapes from the field after the Jets lose to the Chargers.AP

So there really is a logic that comes with betraying the fan’s instincts. There is really a feeling that comes with taking Flacco’s Pick 6 quite a bit. This allows you to laugh at the two extra points that failed and sigh of relief when Jet’s last effort is two. A desperate wave near the goal line killed a little glory.

“We did our best to get it done,” said Jets, who runs Frank Gore, “but that just didn’t happen.”

Weekly, game-by-game, this is at least part of the equation that must alleviate the enthusiasm of losing. These weekly humility destroys these players. They eat them. Gore has a long and outstanding career and does not deserve a final chapter of 0-16.

“We think about it every day,” Gore said. “We have to get it, especially if this is my last season … I can’t go out that way. I have to get … one …”

Flacco was a Super Bowl MVP so long ago. He certainly doesn’t deserve 0-16 on his paperwork. I don’t do any of them. It’s usually a bit pathetic and pathetic to praise a professional athlete in any sport by playing and appearing hard, without calling for games or seasons.

When you sign on to become a “professional”, it should be part of the compact. You get paid for working hard. You are paid to take care of you. No one should throw a parade to clear such a low bar. Still, so far this season it’s impossible for 53 men, 0 to 10, to feel no empathy, empathy, compassion, or anything else.

Do you want to crush your coach? He is a fair game.

Want to destroy the GM? Bring it to him.

Want to tear the owner? They come to it.

However, it is almost impossible to want 0-16 for these players. In a just world, Jaguar wins one of the last six games and makes it easy (takes the Bears home in the 16th week, which could probably happen). In that case, you can resume your role as an enthusiastic optimist for at least a week and take root for 1 to 15 years. It’s not yet a record that everyone wants to water ski behind. But it beats 0-16. The player doesn’t want it.

And admit it: deep in the place where you keep your own counsel, you don’t.

It’s hard not to feel sorry for these non-victorious jets

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