Items That Could Damage Your Washing Machine

Did you know that an average life span of a washer is about 10 years? It may even go longer if you properly use and maintain them. However, there are items that, when forgotten inside the washer, may easily shorten the life span of these appliances.

 It is best to empty your pockets or check your clothes for any unusual items before throwing them into the washer. These are the items that could potentially damage your washing machine. Knowing these can help you maintain your washing machine and save more money in the long run.

Loose Change

Before you throw your clothes with pockets, ensure you search them thoroughly and empty the change. Coins and other metal objects that bang around the drum cause tearing that can lead to leaks. It is best to keep a change jar next to your machine, which helps you check your pockets first.


Aside from loose change, keys are one of the common things left behind in your pockets. You only remember them when they start to clank against the side of the washer. This leaves the washing machine to have scratches. That’s why it is important to check your pockets before throwing them inside the washer. If you are sending your clothes to laundry pickup and delivery, ensure to check and get them sorted before handing them.


There are clothes with zippers, and the only measure to keep your washer safe from these sharps is to tuck them. It not only scratches the sides of your washing machine but can also damage the clothes in the load.

Too Much Detergent

It is one of the most common misunderstandings in laundry; too much detergent will clean the clothes more thoroughly. Excessive use of detergent leads to more suds and causes the washer to overflow. Moreover, it only leaves more residue on your clothes resulting in foul-smelling clothes.

 Be sure to follow the recommended guidelines in washing your clothes. Only use laundry detergent within the recommended amount, especially if you use a high-efficiency washer.

More Clothes

It is tempting to throw all your laundry in the washer in one load. However, overloading your washer will only damage your clothes and the machine. Clothes are not thoroughly cleaned and rinsed because they cannot tumble efficiently. Moreover, an overloaded washer has to work hard, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear on the machine.


If you want to do your large pile of laundry in one go, it is best to bring them to the nearest laundry service. Washing machines at laundromats have more capacity than household washers.

Bonus Tip: Run Washer More Than Average

The life expectancy of the washer is determined by how you frequently use them. You have to keep your washer working efficiently and not overwork them. It is better to run only full loads and stick to only a few loads a week.

 Well, having a washer gives you more responsibility. It is an investment that you should protect. Always check your clothes before throwing them into the washer to ensure there are no objects that can potentially damage your washer.

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