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Italian restaurant in Tinton Falls, New Jersey bans children under 10

tinton falls, new jersey — A popular Italian restaurant in New Jersey plans to ban children under the age of 10 beginning next month.

Family-style dining usually means bringing the kids.

Unless you’re under 10 at Nettie’s House of Spaghetti, a Tinton Falls hotspot since opening in 2018.

In a Facebook post, the owner wrote: “Between the noise level, lack of space for high chairs, crazy messy cleanup and responsibility for children running around the restaurant, I We decided it was time to take control of the situation.

Some parents predict that banning children could be a recipe for disaster and the restaurant would lose business.

Hazlett’s Jeanie Samarco said, “Moms and dads also like to go out, and sometimes they don’t have a sitter, and they want to take the kids.

Evan Christopoulos of Tinton Falls said, “It would be frustrating if you had kids under the age of nine.

“I think that’s wrong. They’re going to lose a lot of customers who have families,” said Manalapan’s Craig Greenberg.

“It’s a tough decision,” added Tinton Falls’ Nina Gallagher.

However, others, including Gallagher, say Nettie’s could benefit, perhaps attracting diners who prefer a more adult-oriented setting.

“I don’t think fancy restaurants for romantic dinners, on any given night, are best suited for children under the age of 10,” Gallagher said.

Paulo Palumbo, manager of nearby Attilio’s Pizza, said on his behalf that children are always welcome.

“I think we should be open with everyone,” Palumbo said. “It’s a public place, so I don’t think they have unilateral rights.”

The rule will go into effect at Nettie’s on March 8th. Other restaurants have done this in the past.

A few years ago, restaurants in Houston, Texas enacted a rule that children under the age of 8 were not allowed in after 7 p.m.

CBS2 did not respond to an interview with the owner of Nettie’s House of Spaghetti.

Some legal experts say it’s up to restaurant owners to ban young children, adding that while a license costs nothing, it could cost customers. . Italian restaurant in Tinton Falls, New Jersey bans children under 10

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