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Israel: Self-proclaimed ‘racist’ politician named New York consul general | Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has named a far-right politician who once claimed to be “proud to be a racist” as Israel’s chief diplomat. new york.

May Golan’s appointment was swiftly condemned as an insult to and damage to America by former Israeli and American diplomats and heads of America’s largest Jewish sect. Israel.

A group of former Israeli ambassadors said they were “shocked” by the move.

“Golan’s appointment is outrageous because she is a racist and divisive person. This is the exact opposite of what Israel needs in such an important place.” they said.

Goran, an Israeli MP for Netanyahu’s Likud Party and the unportfolio minister in the current administration, is a supporter of the ultranationalist wing of the ruling coalition. try to curb the power of the Israeli courts In what is called a “judicial coup”.

She will take over from Asaf Zamir, who resigned last month after he said at a meeting of American Jewish donors that he was “deeply concerned about the direction”. [Israel] I’m in now. ”

The Golan rose to political prominence by denouncing African refugees in Israel, calling them “Muslim intruders,” criminals and rapists. She suggested many had AIDS and that working as a waiter was spreading HIV, and demanded their expulsion from the country.

“If I’m a racist because I want to defend my country, I want to defend basic rights and security, then I’m a proud racist,” she said at a political rally in 2013. , spoke out as a member of the far-right Jewish Power Party.

Golan described himself as follows.I am very honored‘ was nominated for New York’s position, which must be ratified by the Israeli parliament.

Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin Indik promised “The American Jewish community would see it as a sign of the utmost disrespect.”

Israel’s New York consulate is expected to maintain close ties with the largest Jewish community outside the Middle East. Many are members of the reform movement, the largest denomination of Judaism in the United States but a smaller denomination in Israel. Unusually critical of Israeli government policies About attempts to suppress the power of the judiciary. Golan previously despised the reform movement.

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Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Coalition for Reform Judaismslammed the schedule.

“We need a new NY Consul General who is thoughtful, diplomatic, and morally credible. May Golan is none of those things. would hurt rather than help the Israeli cause.” he tweeted.

J Street, a liberal pro-Israel lobbying organization, also criticized the nomination.

“This appointment is a new affront to the shared democratic values ​​by the Netanyahu government, and will bring together Jews and non-Jews alike in a city that embodies America’s commitment to vibrant diversity. It would be an insult to people,” he said.

golan Said “We will work with the leaders of all Jewish organizations as part of our effort to strengthen the wonderful partnership between the Israeli and American Jewish communities,” she said.

After weeks of mass demonstrations against the new law, Israeli newspaper Haaretz said that Netanyahu had stepped up to remove staunch supporters of judicial reform from the government, which he is seeking to pursue in politics. It was reported that he may have been appointed.

Likud denied the allegations, stating that “the offer was made to Golan because of her excellent diplomatic skills in English.” Israel: Self-proclaimed ‘racist’ politician named New York consul general | Israel

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