Islander Noah Dobson goes out with a lower body injury

Even the good news of the islanders comes with the bad news.

Two and a half hours before the pack fell Islanders lost to Rangers 4-1, General Manager Lou Lamoriello has appeared on Zoom Call, announcing that Isles has not undergone an additional positive COVID-19 test. However, after 7 pm, the team announced that Noah Dobson would not be able to play in the match and said the defense had suffered a lower body injury.

As a result, Isles has three pairs that could play at Bridgeport. Robin Salo and Scott Mayfield, Sebastian Ajo and Grant Hatton, Thomas Hicky and Paul Laddu. Mayfield is the only player in the group who started this year as a regular.

Isles reached this point with a combination of COVID-19 and injury. The former category: Adam Perek, Andy Green, Zudeno Chara. In the latter case: Ryan Prock and Dobson.

“It’s not really hard to speed up. For all reasons, it feels like every coach, player, staff is doing a good job of helping us with any questions.” Stupid said. “But of course, it’s challenging in that many are lying down now, but we have many good people. [have] We have stepped up at this point. “

Noah Dobson
Robert Sabo

The lack of familiarity was misunderstood many times, and when Laddu turned it over in the neutral zone, the defensive collapse led directly to the Rangers’ third goal, leading to a strange rush scored by Kevin Rooney. rice field.

Another call, Otto Coibra, had his own neutral zone sales, which directly led to Looney’s second phase goal.

Currently, nothing is ideal about the situation of the team. After losing 4-1 to the Rangers on Wednesday, the Islanders lost seven straight games and fell free from the playoff race. They didn’t intend to rely too much on the players who were supposed to be on the AHL roster.

But here it is. And on Wednesday, it bit them.

“It doesn’t matter what lineup we have,” said Barry Trottz. “You are in the NHL. You can or can’t get it done.”

Jean-Gabriel Pageau’s frustration boiled at 1:51 and took part in the game. When he dropped his gloves with Alexis Lafreniere after he stumbled, it was probably in retaliation for his hit at Ryan Lindgren. Both players were asked for a 5 minute fighting measure.

The islanders have moved Pulock from IR to long-term IR to maintain cap compliance.

Koivula made its debut in 2021-22 after a phone call early in the day. Centered around the third line of Andy Andreoff and Oliver Wafflestrom, Koivra played at 11:28 and finished with one shot and one hit. LaDue also dressed for the first time this year, playing 12:33 and finishing with one shot and two hits.

Semillon Bharamov’s 168:26 streak ended with Chris Crider’s second period goal without giving up on the Rangers.

Islander Noah Dobson goes out with a lower body injury

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