Iran allocates payments to families of Ukrainian crash victims

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AP)-The Iranian Cabinet has created a compensation fund to pay the families of 176 victims of Ukrainian passenger planes shot down by Iranian troops outside Tehran last January. The president announced on Wednesday.

Iran will pay $ 150,000 per victim without specifying an award timeline, state television reported. The announcement was made as the victims’ families were preparing to celebrate the anniversary of the crash on January 8, with diplomats from the lost citizens providing Iran with further cooperation on the issue of investigation and compensation. I’m looking for.

There were no immediate comments on Iran’s announcement from the five countries that had discussed compensation with Iran.

For days, Iran denied that the army was responsible for the down of the plane. However, with extensive evidence from Western intelligence reports and international pressure building, Iran accidentally fired its troops on a Ukrainian jet airliner at the moment of heightened tensions between Iran and the United States. I admitted that. Hostility broke out a week ago over an American drone strike that killed Iran’s top general Kasem Soleimani in Baghdad, raising fears of further violence in the region.

Western intelligence and analysts believe Iran shot down an aircraft with a Russian-made Tor system (known to NATO as the SA-15). Tehran accused “human error” of shooting down, and in a report released in the summer, people with misaligned surface-to-air missile batteries misidentified civil flight as a threat and obtained approval from ranking authorities He said he fired twice without.

Canadian officials have not disclosed all relevant evidence from Iran and are pleased with the identity of the person responsible for Down, the exact sequence of events fired by the Revolutionary Guard Corps, and many protracted questions, including the following decision: It leaves Iran’s airspace open to civilian traffic the same night it fired a ballistic missile bullet at Iraq’s U.S. forces, claiming it did not provide any answers.

The Boeing 737 aircraft operated by Ukraine International Airlines to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, are 82 Iranians, 57 Canadians, 17 Swedishs, 11 Ukrainians, 4 Afghans, 4 It carried 167 passengers and 9 crew members from several countries, including one Ukrainian citizen. According to the authorities. This route was popular with people heading to Canada.

For months, the governments of the five affected countries have demanded that Tehran accept “all responsibility” for the crash and pay compensation to the victims’ families in accordance with international agreements.

Iran sent various messages on compensation issues, and Goram Reza Soleimani, head of the country’s major insurance agency, said in October that Iran was rewarded for jets being “insured by European companies.” He said he would refuse to pay the money.

However, other Iranian officials have promised to negotiate compensation with five countries.

“We made a mistake, but the basis for compensation should be determined,” Foreign Minister Mosen Baharvand said in September. “We told our Ukrainian colleagues that international regulation is our basis.”

An association representing the victims’ families issued a statement last week condemning Iran’s offer for compensation and demanding an independent and transparent investigation into the crash.

“The family is cautious and does not sign any documents,” the statement read. “The murderer cannot act as a mourner.”

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Iran allocates payments to families of Ukrainian crash victims

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