Interview: “Fatima” star Lucia Moniz: movie “Fostering the Power of Love”

New York, November 20th – Love actually Actress Lucia Moniz said she enjoyed the dichotomy of playing a devout Catholic who doubted the claim that her daughter saw the Virgin Mary. Fatima, Movies based on real events and people.

“Maria doesn’t believe in her daughter and is afraid of how this will affect everyone. This shouldn’t be a priority,” Moniz told UPI at a recent Zoom conference. ..

The actress was stunned by her daughter’s story, worried about her neighbors, and feared that God would punish her family for her child lying, but Maria should respect her beliefs and defend her. Said it was.

“It doesn’t mean she believes that the Virgin Mary has appeared, but believing in her daughter is another thing, and it is very important to have communication and connection between her parents, son and daughter,” Moniz said. Added.

Maria is a pillar of her community and the mother of Lucia dos Santos (from Stephanie Gil) Salisbury addiction,) A 10-year-old shepherd, along with two young cousins ​​Jacinta (Alejandr Howard) and Francisco de Jesus Mart (Jorge Rameras), reported seeing the appearance of the mother of Jesus Christ in Portugal in 1917.

Goran Višnjik (Timeless) The secular mayor of the town and Joaquim de Almeida (Sister warrior) Play the parish priest. Both men, along with Maria, try to persuade Lucia to withdraw her story, but the child never shakes.

As World War I intensifies and the Spanish flu pandemic breaks out, thousands of religious pilgrims flock to the renowned village in hopes of witnessing a miracle.

The Roman Catholic Church investigated Lucia’s claims and determined that they were beneficial. The church is nearing the end of the process of canonizing Lucia, who died in 2005, as a saint.

Jacinta and Francisco, who died of a Spanish flu as children shortly after suspicion of a miracle, were declared saints by the church.

“I want everyone to see how strong Lucia is, despite what her mother said to her and what the church said to her. No one believed her, she just continued,” Gil said. In another interview, she told UPI how her personality was treated. At the time of appearance. “I want everyone to know that you should never give up. Just go to what you want and believe in yourself.”

Vishnick appreciates how normal it is for children to appear in movies, and how they remain true to their faith, even if the adults around them try to stop talking about them. did.

“They are not portrayed as saints or anything. They are only three children caring for sheep and there is this beautiful young woman who suddenly comes to them,” the actor told UPI. It was.

“She tells them some beautiful things, tells them this message they need to tell people, and they just do it. There was no malice. So these adults suddenly got this They were really surprised when they started to create all the turmoil and politicians, churches and governments. ”

Fatima Was created before COVID-19 in 2019, but according to Moniz, viewers in 2020 will find it related to and perhaps inspired by the difficulties depicted in the film.

“100 years ago it was the Spanish flu, and in fact Lucia’s mother goes through it, and she is very ill,” the actress said.

“This movie also brings the importance and power of love. To me, faith is the same. How far do you go for love, what you do for love, what you believe for love And unite everyone. Their religion. It is just people, humans that all have to come together to create a better world. “

It is the individual’s responsibility to believe that the Virgin Mary visited three children in Europe a century ago, Visnjic said, saying that in a modern society where technology and information are readily available, events are real. Admitted that it was difficult to convince the suspicious thing happened without concrete evidence.

“I like to go back to the basics and want to say,’What was the message these kids were telling?’ It’s a beautiful message. It’s a positive message. It loves each other and more. It’s about praying and being kind to each other, “said Vishnick. “That’s what we should take after watching this movie. It’s a message of love.”

Harvey Keitel co-starring (Reservoir dog) And Sonia Braga (Spider woman kiss,) Fatima Available on DVD and digital platforms.It was supervised by Marco Ponte Corvo, which includes credits Game of Thrones And Letters to Juliet..

Interview: “Fatima” star Lucia Moniz: movie “Fostering the Power of Love”

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