Internet troll “Baked Alaska” pleads guilty to parliamentary riots – New York Daily News

The far-right Internet personality pleaded guilty to joining the mob that attacked the US Capitol and streamed a live video accusing him and other mobs, according to court filings.

Known to social media followers as “Baked Alaska,” Antimegionet faces up to six months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor parade, demonstration, and picket in a parliament building. increase.

US District Judge Emmet Sullivan will rule on Geonet on January 12, 2023.

The judge had scheduled a March 2023 trial of Gionet for pleading guilty to a previous hearing. Sullivan refused to accept the guilty plea by Antime Geonet in May after professing his innocence at the beginning of the judicial inquiry hearing.

At the start of the virtual hearing on Friday, lawyer Zachary Thornley told the judge that the protesters were outside Florida’s Geonet home and were recording the proceedings over the phone. This violates court rules.

“What do you protest?” Asked the judge.

“I guess he’s a person,” Thornley replied.

The judge instructed court officials to cut off the telephone line, preventing the public from hearing Geonet enter his guilty plea.

Gionet’s two lawyers did not respond to requests for comment shortly after the hearing.

After entering the Capitol on January 6, 2021, Gionet streamed a live video to show that he was inside the building and repeatedly encouraged other mobs to stay there.

“Enter. Let’s go. According to court filings for his guilty plea, Geonet told other mobs.

Geonet, along with others, chanted, “Patriots dominate!” “Who’s house? Our house!” Before leaving, he profanely called police officers “pledgers,” the FBI said.

Federal authorities have used Gionet’s video to prosecute other riots, including three men from New York City. Antonio Ferrinho, Francis Connor and Anton Lunick pleaded guilty to riot-related charges in April. According to court filings associated with their plea bargaining, Gionet’s live stream showed them at Senator Jeff Merkley’s office.

Gionet worked at BuzzFeed before using social media to build online followers in the far-right politics. Defendant lawyer Zachary Thornley said Geonet was “a long-time journalist.”

“His actions on the day many people entered the Capitol were the same as he always did. He filmed it. That’s what he does,” Thornley said. I wrote it in a court submission last year.

Prosecutors disputed Gionet’s claim that he was a member of the news media.

Geonet has become known for posting videos that play pranks and troll targets. He also has a history of promoting far-right extremism. He was scheduled to speak at the white supremacist Unite the Right rally in 2017 before the violence exploded on the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia.

Mainstream internet platforms, including Twitter, suspended their Gionet accounts before January 6th. At the Capitol, he used a fringe service called DLive to livestream the video.

Other parliamentary riot defendants claim they were acting as journalists rather than rebels.

Internet troll “Baked Alaska” pleads guilty to parliamentary riots – New York Daily News

Source link Internet troll “Baked Alaska” pleads guilty to parliamentary riots – New York Daily News

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