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International flyers may need to be vaccinated against the virus immediately

“We are considering changing the terms of service for international travelers to ask them to be vaccinated before boarding the plane,” Joyce told Network Nine Television in Australia.

He said he is looking at ways to electronically confirm that people have the vaccines they need at their destination. This is a difficult task.

“But certainly, I think it’s necessary for foreign visitors and people leaving the country,” he said.

The largest airline in South Korea has a similar message. Korean Air spokesman Jill Chung said on Tuesday that airlines could demand vaccinations from passengers. She said the government was likely to require vaccination as a condition to lift the quarantine requirements for new arrivals.

Korean Air is considering some screening possibilities, but Chung said the changes made by the company and other airlines were the result of coordination with the government.

“This is not an airline’s own decision,” she said.

Air New Zealand reflected Mr. Chung’s position.

“Ultimately, it is the government’s responsibility to determine when and how it is safe to reopen the border, and we continue to work closely with the authorities,” Air New Zealand said in a statement.

Australia, South Korea and New Zealand have all succeeded in minimizing the spread of the virus. They are internationally regarded as a success story, and most of their containment efforts are focused on keeping infected people out.

Australia has imposed some of the strictest border restrictions in the world since the beginning of the pandemic. It closed the border for most foreign visitors and allowed their citizens to travel abroad only under special circumstances. New Zealand also closed its borders and South Korea imposed a two-week quarantine on all arriving passengers.

Australia, which has 26 million people, has reported about 900 deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic, which is smaller than many countries. 51 million South Koreans have reported more than 500 deaths. And 5 million New Zealand reports only 25 deaths.

Chung said there is already a lot of debate within the industry to ensure a safe trip during a pandemic. To this end, the World Economic Forum-approved app “Common Pass” aims to provide a standardized format for airlines to evaluate passengers’ coronavirus test results and decide whether to travel. Includes exams.

“As the world approaches coronavirus vaccines and negative tests are becoming a requirement to lift travelers from self-quarantine in countries around the world, airlines are effective in screening passengers for vaccination and testing. I feel the need for a system, “said Chung.

Some companies are testing potential viral vaccines and encourage early results. Many hope that vaccination will be widely available next year, paving the way for a wider resumption of international air travel.

Australia’s Health Minister Greg Hunt told reporters Tuesday that no decisions had yet been made on border or re-entry rules regarding potential vaccines.

“Our job is to provide vaccines to all Australians,” he said.


Kim reported from Seoul, South Korea.

International flyers may need to be vaccinated against the virus immediately

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