Interesting Facts About F1 Drivers

The first Formula One World Championship was held in 1950, establishing the world’s most extensive racing series. However, it would not be what it is now without their outstanding drivers and the story they have been telling since then. Several races and events are held throughout the world, but most occur in Europe. As a result, it has become a worldwide phenomenon that is highly recognized and admired.

According to Auto fun, those who enjoy racing are “very enthused” about Formula 1. They are passionate about automobiles and speed, their favorite drivers, and the sport. Overall, it’s a fantastic hobby for anyone who enjoys it, and it keeps people interested, which may be why Formula 1 continues to grow in popularity each year.  You can check the latest nascar odds as we dive in.

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Most Drivers are Superstitious

A toy hairbrush was given to Michael Schumacher by his child, which also happened to be a charm given to him by his wife and a crucifix for good fortune. He was also highly cautious with numbers, and he even requested new race numbers due to his preference for odd numbers. 

On the other hand, Sebastian Vettel likes to wear two little pennies in his socks, believing that they will bring him good luck. Additionally, he consistently names his automobile at the start of each new season, claiming that this helps him develop a bond with it. This is precisely what he says. 

Additionally, ensure that you are wearing the proper boots and gloves, entering the automobile from the right side, wearing lucky underwear, and avoiding black cats, to name a few. Why not if it works for them?

Peeing in their Pants

The cockpit’s temperature has already been discussed. Have you considered how much water drivers consume before and during races? Some people, like Lewis Hamilton, can keep it in regardless of how much water they consume.

On the other hand, some people prefer to let nature take its course. So he is claimed to be one. Their crew members even inform them if they need to use the restroom throughout the race.

Lewis Hamilton Born Champion Material

He discovered his passion for racing when he was only six years old. Within a few years, he began karting and had won several karting championships, putting him in the spotlight and attracting sponsors, establishing him as an excellent star. 

Following that, everything becomes history. At the age of 13, McLaren-Mercedes contacted him, making him the youngest driver ever approached by professionals in this field of work. 

This makes him appear destined to be one of the greatest racers of all time, as he is today the highest-paid British athlete.

A Driver Loses 4 kg After One Race

There is a reason behind their weight loss. They drive in heated cockpits and lose a lot of water during a race; therefore, they lose weight while driving by sweating. They drink a lot of water before they go to avoid being dehydrated and exhausted. 

On an average day, the temperature inside their cars exceeds 122 degrees Fahrenheit. If you wish to drive, you must wear a fire suit, boots, and gloves. 

Apart from that, racing requires a great deal of effort, both physically and psychologically, and it’s unsurprising that they drop a few pounds with each race.

An Italian won the first-ever Formula 1

The title was first won at Silverstone in 1950, and the winner, an Italian driver Giuseppe Nino Farina was driving an Alfa Romeo. The mentor then assisted him in developing into the person he was as he previously drove privately owned Maserati’s and Alfa Romeos. 

Wimille and Achille Varzi perished in separate accidents, while Count Trossi succumbed to cancer. He used this opportunity to compete in his first race. Fangio was his primary competitor throughout the race, but he was quickly passed by a rising star named Ascari. 

He had raced for Ferrari for years, passed Fangio, and won but was killed in an accident after a few years of being involved in numerous crashes.


Because being a professional racer or driver can be extremely dangerous and can occasionally result in death or severe injury. Despite the dangers, it is something they live for and are devoted to. 

To reach the summit of the world, the world’s most outstanding individuals are willing to sacrifice everything. They are not the only fans of this sport. Fans worldwide travel the world with their favorite kings, celebrating, mourning, and cheering them on as they visit new places.


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