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Inside the Ring Road: IRS Advice on Vacation Tax Questions

Yes, it’s income tax time. The Internal Revenue Service has some advice for the public.

The federal agency said, “As the country is in peak tax filing season, the Internal Revenue Service is asking taxpayers to use online tools to get answers quickly and use IRS phone lines around President’s Day.” We are urging people to avoid phone delays during traditional peak periods.” Advisory issued before the holidays.

“Presidents Day weekend, when many people prepare to pay their taxes, is historically the time of year when IRS phone lines peak. We encourage you to look first at available self-help tools,” the IRS said.

“The IRS continues to see improvements in the tax season this year, including improved phone service,” said Acting IRS Commissioner. Doug O’donnell said in writing.

“But we always see a huge spike in phone traffic around President’s Day. As the calendar progresses, millions of people turn their attention to taxes during this time. Potential To avoid delays, we recommend that taxpayers first check, which provides much of the same information immediately,” said O’Donnell.

George Washington auction

Bidding for “” is currently in progress.George Washington birthday auction.

The popular online event was organized by Mount Vernon, the stunning, charming and stately ancestral home of our first president on the banks of the Potomac River about 15 miles south of the capital.

“Proceeds from this event will support the restoration and preservation of the non-profit Mount Vernon, the beloved home of George Washington. As an IRS 50l(c)(3) tax-exempt entity (#54-0564701), Mount Vernon Vernon is not a government-funded park or institution and we rely on the generosity of friends like you for the donations needed to save George Washington’s historic property,” the organization said in a statement.

Although it will take less time. The auction itself ends Wednesday at 10pm.

Auction items include handcrafted kitchen items from historic holiday vacations, the actual roof shingles of Mt. Bread making class”, various to personal ones. Tours — Including “All the President’s Puppy Dog Tours.”

Yes, this is a private tour of the site where guests are allowed to bring their dogs.


For more information, see the Upcoming section of

about the holiday

Here is the official report from the National Archives: George WashingtonAccording to the official date of birth:

“Washington’s birthday was celebrated on February 22nd well into the 20th century. Passed the holiday law. By extending the three-day holiday, Congress hoped to “bring substantial benefits to both the spiritual and economic life of the nation,” the report said.

“One provision of the law changed the observance of Washington’s birthday from February 22nd to the third Monday in February. It can’t be late, so we were assured that the holiday would never be celebrated on Washington’s actual birthday.”

oh, one more thing

“Contrary to popular belief, neither Congress nor the President has stipulated that the holiday celebrated as Washington’s birthday be renamed ‘President’s Day,'” the report advised. .

message from barney

“Love is fighting for someone you don’t know.”

So I advise you on the latest public disclosure from the Senate. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

The message includes the phrase on the new campaign sticker and a donation to Our Revolution, a non-profit, grassroots-funded “progressive political organization group” founded by Sanders who wanted to become president of the United States in 2016. contains a plea for

shortage of teachers

A new report from the State Higher Education Executive Officers Association (SHEEO), reviewed by Campus Reform, a conservative oversight body that oversees the US higher education system, says that the K-12 teacher shortage is “the largest for higher education leaders.” concerns. .

SHEEO itself is the national association of chief executives of the Coordinating Boards of Governance, Policy, and Post-Secondary Education throughout the state.

“Approximately 95% of SHEEO members surveyed said the shortage was a ‘important’ or ‘very important’ issue, tied first to economic and workforce development based on its importance to respondents. We have shown that,” the organization said.

“Pedagogical colleges are caught up in critical pedagogy” Daniel Buck — a teacher and senior visiting fellow at the Fordham Institute — told Campus Reform.

Buck defines “critical pedagogy” as “a fundamental educational philosophy that sees the school as the center of activism,” and the by-products of this philosophy include a “politicized curriculum,” increased teacher responsibility, It said it included “behavioral disruption.”

A Brown University study that tracks reports of teacher shortages in the United States shows that there are “at least 163,000 unqualified teachers and at least 36,000 vacant teaching positions” in US schools.

The study was published in August.

Port du Jour

• 28% of registered US voters are ‘strongly opposed’ to the way the US Congress works.

• 28% “relatively disagree”.

• 18% of the work Congress does ‘neither agree nor disagree’.

• 13% “somewhat agree”.

• 5% “strongly support” the work Congress is doing.

• 7% are ‘not sure’ about the issue.

Source: The Economist/YouGov poll of 1,309 registered US voters conducted February 11-14.

• Enjoy your holidays. Thank you for reading. Follow Jennifer Harper on Twitter @HarperBulletin. Inside the Ring Road: IRS Advice on Vacation Tax Questions

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