Inside the Beltway: Emily Murphy opposes protests to declare Joe Biden’s victory

Notice Emily Murphy, Director of General Procurement, who has been accused of blocking the possibility of presidential elections by President Joseph R. Biden’s transition to the White House by not declaring the winner of the election. Now, like now.

An important decision will be to release funds for the transition and establish a path for Biden officials to announce their presence in federal agencies.

Of course, the media is plagued by this — and the angry coverage of the issue has been going on for a week.

However, protests have intensified, and Murphy led a national trend on Twitter on Tuesday. Some headlines over the last 24 hours provide up-to-date information.
“Emily Murphy, do your job” (CNN); “The GSA formula blocking Biden’s transition seems to be personally planning a post-Trump career” (ABC News). “Emily Murphy’s Self-harm” (Washington Post). “Trump’s appointed man, who is blocking Biden’s transition, is reportedly trying to get a new job in 2021” (Vanity Fair). “Emily Murphy holds the key to the transition vault, but of course he doesn’t cooperate,” Esquire said. “Murphy’s Choice: Fed officials have spoken about the start of the transition,” the Associated Press said. And “Trump’s GSA chief is a” sabotage agent attacking democracy “unless he allows the transition to Biden: the former Emperor of Ethics” (Newsweek).

Twitter bias

“Twitter isn’t on track when it comes to censoring President Trump and his campaign account, but in the meantime Joe Byden and his campaign account remain untouched,” said Corinne, assistant editor at the Media Research Center. Weaver reports.

“The president’s account and Team Trump’s account received 83 labels in a tweet between November 9th and November 16th,” she says. , Actors Kevin Sorbo and Jon Voight.

Censorship practices are speeding up.

“Trump’s personal Twitter was censored 36 times between November 2nd and 9th. Between November 9th and 16th, Trump’s personal account received 64 labels. This shows a 77% increase in censorship compared to the previous week. In contrast, Joe Byden’s tweets are not labeled at all, “weaver advises.

Pelosi’s prediction

Rep. Steve Scalise is again the Republican whip in the US House of Representatives, and he has a lot to think about in the near future. At a press conference Wednesday, Scallis said the Republicans are now “united behind a bold conservative vision” and are ready to oppose the socialist agenda that continues to brew across the aisle. Said that.

The Louisiana Republican Party also had a forecast for Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.
“In the next two years, we know what this battle will be for the future direction of this country. It really is a battle between freedom and socialism.

Voters nationwide in all types of districts reject the socialist agenda promoted by Chair Pelosi over the last two years. She will make a difficult decision. Does she continue to address the most radical far-left elements of our conference? Or is she working with the Republicans to get things done for a hard-working family? Ask Mr. Scallis.

“It will be the choice she has to make as a speaker. But we’re not going to stop fighting for the hard-working family that makes America work. They still work together for them. I look forward to us, “he continues.

“We will continue to fight for hard-working families and for the idea of ​​a free market that has always made America the largest country in world history.”

Really big broadcast

The US Global Media Agency, an independent federal agency that operates Voice of America and four other international broadcast sources, has revealed its typical weekly audience size — and it’s huge.

Together, the five networks reached a record 354 million in the normal week of fiscal year 2020. This is the “largest viewer ever” for the institution, which broadcasts in 62 languages ​​in 100 countries. The mammoth audience has increased by 4 million since last year.

“People around the world are anxious for independent and impartial news. We are proud that the federal network and recipients were able to deliver the news, especially during the disinformation-rich COVID-19.” The agency’s CEO, Michael Pack, said.

His broadcaster and journalist “work to report the truth to those who need it most,” Puck said in an annual report to Congress released Tuesday.

“The agency strives to combat disinformation and publicity by accurately reporting on domestic issues, from politics to economics and entertainment.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, record numbers tuned into a network of government agencies as foreign governments produced disinformation and publicity, “he said in a report.

These networks include the aforementioned Voice of America, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Cuban Broadcasting Station, Radio Free Asia, and Middle East Broadcasting Networks. All deliver news and programs via radio, television and the Internet.

Online, last year, social media engagement increased by 83%, while overall audience increased by 32%. Some shows literally soared. For example, Mandarin content saw a 400% increase in overall viewership, and last year video content saw an 800% increase.

The overall audience growth has occurred in several “major markets”, especially Iraq, Venezuela and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The federal broadcaster has also reached “a large audience of countries of major national security and diplomatic interests in the United States.” China is at the top of the list, with a typical audience of 65.4 million. Iran and Russia are also in the top 10.


⦁ 58% of adults in the United States say they will be vaccinated against the coronavirus. 42% of the total were not vaccinated.

⦁ 37% of those who did not cite the vaccine’s “concerns about the rushing timeline”.

⦁ 26% want to wait to make sure it’s safe.

⦁ 15% cited “other reasons”.

⦁ 12% generally do not trust vaccines.

⦁ 10% want to see how effective it is.

Source: Gallup pollster of 2,985 US adults conducted from October 19th to November. Released on 1 and Wednesday.

⦁ Follow Jennifer Harper on Twitter @ Harper Bulletin.

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Inside the Beltway: Emily Murphy opposes protests to declare Joe Biden’s victory

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