Inside the Beltway: Biden’s normal America “will be terrible”

Psychologists have long argued what is “normal” and what is not. It has now been a source of controversy over the political world since it was presumed to be the presidential election. Joseph R. Biden He promised to make America “normal” again.

But what does that mean? Happy press conference and Kumbaya moment? A recent CNN analysis warned Biden that presenting himself as a “normal” candidate could backfire. On the other hand, according to a Yahoo News / YouGov poll, only 35% of voters believe that President Biden is “ordinary.”

“Biden’s return to normal will be terrible,” the syndicate columnist predicts. Ben Shapiro..

The president-elect “reopens the swamp for business,” he writes, while the scandal “is routinely invalidated in the name of left-wing policy priorities.”

“It wasn’t usually good in the old days. That’s why. Donald Trump I was elected. That’s why the Democrats have almost lost the House of Representatives, and despite Trump’s personal unpopularity, they seem ready to not regain the Senate. The old usual stench of chronism and oligarchy, the corrupt relationship between Democratic infrastructure and Democratic Praetorian Guards in the media, “continues Shapiro.

“Today, the media is celebrating the resurgence of old wisdom. That celebration can bring back uncontrollable backlash, and they say no one else about the return of the Democratic swamp. You’ll still be confused as to why people weren’t as overjoyed as they were, “he advises.

Welcome to Brown Friday

Black Friday, move on.

“The day after Thanksgiving was the busiest day of the year for a plumber repair company like Roto-Rooter. Large meal preparation combined with a large number of holiday guests traditionally overloaded the plumbing system in a home. It took and created a busy day for the plumber who named the date “Brown Friday” for obvious reasons, “reports Roto-Rooter, a plumbing and drainage repair service.

“Frankly, I don’t know what to expect this year. Friday’s call volume reveals whether Americans have reduced Thanksgiving or made a big celebration. Evidence must be clear. Must be, “says a spokesman. Paul Abrams..

Three cheers for a veteran-owned business

Assault Forwards, Real Americans, Urban Metal: Do They Sound Intriguing?

They are all military veterans-owned companies and have 20 guides from Bunker Labs, a national non-profit network of veterans and military spouse entrepreneurs.

“We are proud to showcase the leadership, grit and tenacity of these entrepreneurs who are working harder than ever to survive and prosper.” Break Hogan, CEO of the organization.

Find a useful guide here:

Changes in CUOMO’s mind

Surprise: Governor of New York. Andrew Cuomo Opposes hostile treatment of news media President Trump..

“Currently, there is an unpleasant tone in the media not only in New York, but all over the country. Mr. Cuomo has an unpleasant contempt in an interview with WAMC, Albany’s public radio station, which has never existed before.

He was particularly troubled by the actions of reporters.

“How to ask President Trump at some of these press conferences — I’ve never heard that tone used by the president. There must be etiquette. I like him or that You can’t look down on people, but there are still institutions that each person represents, “Kuomo continued.

“There are reporters who aren’t experts. They don’t know the facts and ask really biased questions. They ask questions to suit what the editor wants that night. Non-intelligent questions. Some reporters do this. “

“You want to say,’Well, I don’t like the president and look down on him.’ But it’s still the president’s office,” Cuomo said.


Time goes by and we are moving into a new business era. Denver-based software company Akerna, which specializes in tracking sales of cannabis, hemp and CBD nationwide, will provide “business intelligence” until this weekend. The company forecasts marijuana sales to grow 78%, for a total of about $ 270 million.

“On average, Thanksgiving tends to be one of the top five sales holidays this year, and we expect that trend to continue this year,” analysts say. James Arendt..

The average order value at marijuana pharmacies is about $ 82.30 for adult customers and $ 128.46 for healthcare consumers, an increase of $ 13 from this time last year. According to the company’s data, 64% of men and 36% of women buy. 28% are under 30 years old and 30% are 30-40 years old. 19% is 40-50. 12% are 50-60 years old and 11% are over 60 years old.

Weekend real estate

For sale: An 18-acre rustic log hut built in 1937 overlooking Lake Schultz near Bitely, Michigan. 2 bedrooms, 1 plain bath, field stone fireplace, living room, simple kitchen, original ceiling beams, exposed logs throughout. 1,000 square feet. “Yes, it needs some love, restoration, and renewal, but the possibilities are endless.” A 1,200-foot private frontage in two annexes, a dock, and a “small good fishing lake.” It sells for $ 185,000 through


•• Twenty-two percent of registered voters in the United States say they are “very happy” with their job. 31% of Republicans, 19% of independents, and 18% of Democrats agree.

•• 41% of all respondents are “satisfied” with their current job. 43% of Republicans, 41% of independents, and 40% of Democrats agree.

•• 28% of the respondents answered that they were neither happy nor unhappy. 20% of Republicans, 30% of independents, and 31% of Democrats agree.

•• 7% of the total is “unhappy”. 5% of Republicans, 6% of independents, and 9% of Democrats agree.

•• 3% of the total are “very dissatisfied” with their work. 2% of Republicans, 4% of independents and 2% of Democrats agree.

Source: An economist / YouGov poll of 1,500 adults in the United States conducted November 15-17.

• Useful information at

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Inside the Beltway: Biden’s normal America “will be terrible”

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