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Indoor dining ends in New York City as the winter storm approaches

New York City (WABC)-Due to COVID-19 restrictions, indoor meals have ended in New York City for at least two weeks.

The demands placed on restaurants for this winter’s storm call this a never-ending nightmare, and some say it’s impossible to survive.

Indoor dining in the city ended at 10 pm on Sunday. Currently, the restaurant only allows outdoor seating and takeaway, but due to the approaching storm, no one will eat outside.

The city has come up with some terms that restaurants must pay close attention to.

Winter operational recommendations will be enacted in the following cases:
-1 inch under accumulation
-You can continue to eat on the road

However, snow alerts that may occur later this week will come into effect if:
-There is an accumulation of 1 inch or more
-Road meals need to be closed
-For forecasts larger than 12 inches, the entire structure must be disassembled

Mayor Bill de Blasio talks about the approaching storm

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Mayor De Blasio has so far predicted that the forecast is in a bubble and it is not yet known if the outdoor dining structure needs to be removed.

According to a new survey of 6,000 restaurants by the New York State Restaurant Association, 50% of state restaurants cannot survive for the next six months without government support. Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo said a complete closure could be possible next month.

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Indoor dining ends in New York City as the winter storm approaches

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