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Indian man arrested for assaulting woman on flight

Indian people Police arrested the unruly passenger after a complaint from a woman who was on the plane. Air India flights from New York That he pissed on her in business class.

Shankar Mishra was arrested by police in the southern city of Bengaluru and brought to the Indian capital on Saturday. New Delhi Police spokesperson Suman Narva said on Sunday.

Narva declined to reveal what Mishra told investigators after his arrest. The Times of India newspaper states that she said Mishra was drunk and she couldn’t believe what she had done.

A New Delhi court has sent Mishra to jail for 14 days as police investigate allegations he made of infuriating the modesty of a woman on a flight from New York to New Delhi. If convicted, he faces up to his three years in prison.

Another passenger on the plane, Sugata Bhattacharjee, told reporters that he witnessed Mishra drinking excessively, and that Mishra spoke incoherently and asked the same questions about his family several times. said he did.

Also on Saturday, Air India issued a written notice to ground a pilot and four flight attendants. This is because the incident sparked outrage among social his media and activists who argued that Mishra’s 30-day flight ban wasn’t enough.

Air India filed a police complaint this week, but the incident occurred on 26 November. A flight attendant said the two did not call the police when they landed in New Delhi because they believed they had resolved the matter on their own.

Indian media reports say Air India took action after being pressured by the family of an elderly female passenger to punish Mishra.

“Air India could have handled these issues better, both on board and on the ground,” said Campbell Wilson, the company’s CEO and managing director, in a statement. We are aware and are committed to taking action.

Meanwhile, Mishra’s job as a Mumbai-based executive was laid off by his employer, the US multinational financial services firm Wells Fargo & Co., the company said in a statement on Friday. Indian man arrested for assaulting woman on flight

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