Increasing migrant deaths due to summer surge, rescue by soaring border guards

One woman did not get off when a border guard agent stopped Honda suspiciously driving near the California-Mexico border on Saturday and ordered everyone to get out of the car. She couldn’t.

Others in the car told agents that they had walked five hours in the desert noon heat without water until they were finally picked up. When I got in the car, the woman was moving back and forth inside and outside her consciousness. She was airlifted to a hospital where she was sentenced to death.

In Texas, agents had pulled bodies from rivers, ponds, and lakes all week—and would have pulled more dead, but for the rescue of some heroic waters.

In Arizona, it was hot as authorities recovered more bodies from the rugged terrain.

Across the southwestern border, agents also report disappointing many people who were thrown or kicked out of their cars while smugglers were trying to avoid capture.

Far from chilling, as the White House predicted earlier this year, the borders became more chaotic, the number of illegal immigrant boys increased again, and smugglers became bold about trying innovative ways to avoid agents. I am. Agents are facing resistance, including smugglers becoming more prone to flashing weapons.

In April and May, we saw the highest level of illegal immigrant encounters in more than 20 years. June numbers aren’t perfect, but one criterion, the number of unaccompanied juvenile migrants, is regaining calm.

Brandon Judd, chairman of the National Border Patrol Council, said confusion and death are simple issues of numbers. More people are dying as smugglers have seduced more people to come under President Biden.

“No one should be surprised that this is happening,” said longtime agent Judd. “This is exactly what happens when there are a number of cross-border people we see today. This history-based administration allows many people to cross our borders illegally. You knew this was what they were trying to create when they revived the catch-and-release program that encouraged them. “

As of May, eight months after the fiscal year, the border guard counted the deaths of 203 migrants along the border. This is a few months before the summer when heat spikes mortality. In fiscal year 2020, the border guard counted the deaths of a total of 250 migrants.

Already this year, three of the nine southwestern border sectors have exceeded the total death toll in 2020.

“The CBP message to anyone thinking of illegally entering the United States along the southern border is simple. Don’t do that,” the Border Guard said in a statement. “When migrants cross the border illegally, they endanger their lives. The terrain along the border is extreme, the summer heat is harsh, and in many areas the desert continues for miles after crossing the border. Immigrants have to hike mercilessly. “

The Customs and Border Protection did not address the question of how responsible the Biden administration’s policy changes were.

Whatever the responsibility, the harsh reality of death is an almost daily event for people along the border, and even smugglers and fellow migrants are ready to abandon those who can’t keep up with the desert, they Rio. I’m having a hard time crossing the Grande.

Over the weekend, agents caught a group of immigrants in Brownsville, Texas. They reported that she left the woman behind after she fell off the border wall and injured her leg. The agent managed to find a 39-year-old Mexican woman with a dense brush near the border park, stabilize her on a medical backboard, and take her to the hospital.

In Arizona, a group of immigrants fought smuggling guides and kept pushing them in the heat of mid-June, causing a man to quiver and become capricious.

“Don’t you have the ball? You’re walking like a kid! Why did you come out of control?” According to the Border Guard interaction description, the guide beat the man. did.

Elsewhere in Arizona, agents were chasing the sedan on June 11 when they saw the back door of the sedan open and two migrants jumped out. One was dragged for a short time before rolling freely. The immigrants later told the agent that the driver had ordered them, but refused to slow down any further.

In Laredo last week, agents found people jumping into a white pickup, then speeding up and sending people out of the truck. The agent lost sight of the vehicle, but soon learned that two crew members had died on the scene and a third had died in a hospital in San Antonio.

Meanwhile, an agent in southeastern Arizona discovered a man exposed to heat last week. They stabilized him and an ambulance took him to a local hospital and then to Tucson, but he died on Thursday.

The death toll across the border will be much higher, but for some individual heroes.

Last week, an agent discovered a Guatemalan boy struggling to float in a pond near the Rio Grande River in Penitas, Texas. The agent tied a rope around his waist and splattered into the water to rescue the boy. Both needed medical assistance, but the boy survived.

Agents at Eagle Pass, Texas, were tracking a group of illegal immigrants when they heard the screams last week. They chased the noise and found several migrants drowning in the artificial lake.

The agent rushed into the water and rescued one man, but found another from Guatemala. They performed CPR for 32 minutes, but the man was unable to resuscitate.

The surviving migrants said another man was missing, and the agent returned to the water to recover the body of a second Guatemalan.

Overall, CBP has aggregated about 7,000 rescues so far this year, which is already 35% higher than in 2020 as a whole.

“Despite facing the unprecedented situation of lack of government and DHS support, our agents are in uniform, out and doing more than they can expect.” And Mr. Judd said.

Making an ID card can be difficult, even when they can’t save someone — but it’s important to the family.

Agents were tracking a group of three illegal immigrants in Yuma when they found a female corpse under a tree on June 13. She had a Mexican ID card, but the Mexican Consulate said it was a fake.

Consulate officials called the phone number in the woman’s belongings to connect to the family of a 23-year-old Guatemalan woman. Border guard agents then searched the agency’s arrest records and found a woman in the file that contained a fingerprint that matched her body.

The woman was found to have been caught across the border on June 9 and June 11. Two days later her last attempt was dead.

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Increasing migrant deaths due to summer surge, rescue by soaring border guards

Source link Increasing migrant deaths due to summer surge, rescue by soaring border guards

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