In the case of Buck Showalter, the Mariners

Buck Showalter was carrying a fango bat as he walked in a hurry, unobtrusive, and heading for a dugout tunnel that would take him to another meeting before another series.

Yes, it was just another game with the American League team at the National League Park on Friday night in the fog of May, and finally Quite meaningless 2-1 lossEven if there is Max Scherzer on the hill. Mets still dominates their division and is the only baseball team that has not yet lost the series.

But for their leaders, Seattle can’t be a truly straightforward team on the other side of the field. In another New York time and place, the Mariners were Buck Showalter’s life-changing enemy.

So he didn’t have enough time on the opening day of the series after he stopped and kept thinking less about the spectacular Best of Five AL Division Series that his Yankees lost to the Mariners in 1995 (After losing catcher James McCann injured) Memories overtook him to ponder the old playoff defeat. If his Yankees won that Game 5 at the Kingdome and advanced to ALCS, Show Alter might not have been kicked out of his job by George Steinbrenner.

Showalter may have won two or three of the four championships his successor Joe Torre has won over the next five years.

“It broke my heart. Believe me, I didn’t want to leave,” Mets’ manager told the post. “I’ve been there for 19 years, and I remembered one thing my dad told me over the years. He said to me,” When you have to plant your feet and stand up. Will come to your life, and it will be really painful. ” ”

Buck Showalter, right, George Steinbrenner
Buck Showalter, right, George Steinbrenner

Showalter has created that painful position on behalf of some coaches Steinbrenner wanted to remove. The Yankees owner offered to return the two-year contract to the manager, subject to the dismissal of supporters of Showalter, including Glenn Sherlock, who is now Mets’ bench coach.

Buck wasn’t trying to sacrifice his friend to continue his dream job.

“I remember what my wife did.’What are you doing? Is this serious?'” Show Alter recalled. “There was nothing. I said,” Hey, were we happy when I was in control of Albany? Were you paying the bills? Was it broken? “I was in the week. I was refereeing for 6 nights and said, “It’s okay.” ”

Sherlock followed Show Alter to Arizona, where he worked for the Extended Diamondbacks, which wasn’t on the field until 1998. He also left Pittsburgh four months ago to follow Show Alter again. He went to Queens this time. Sherlock worked for the Yankees System at Show Alter in 1989 and was a player and coach at Albany. When he finished his batting practice on Friday, Sherlock remembered that the fundamentals command wanted to learn from the player’s respected master strategist.

“Buck always thinks about the player’s point of view and what’s best for them,” Sherlock said. “Even in the spring training we schedule, he thinks about the best way to rotate and what works best for the player when moving from field to field.

“He always pays attention to the details and is very defensive …. when we were in Washington [on Thursday] Having won two outs on third base, Buck immediately tells me, “What stood out in that play?” And I know he’s thinking of Starling Marte backing up the play. … It’s important for Buck, it’s important for him, so it’s important for the player. ”

Buck Showalter
Buck Showalter

Sherlock said his boss has separated himself from the majority of his peers on that particular side of the ball.

“Many teams I participate in have designated coaches who perform team defense,” he said. “In our situation, Buck performs all team defenses. He’s on the field and oversees it. Players see it and he always knows where they should be. You know what you’re doing, and it’s rubbed against them. ”

A few years later, after things went awry in Bronx, Sherlock said, “It makes a lot of sense for Buck to have our back” when Steinbrenner was demanding a change.

“To return to New York and win [a championship] It’s unbelievable to go around completely, “Sherlock said. “I don’t think I can write any better. That’s what we all are trying to do.”

Show Alter’s # 1 Yankees were robbed of the title in 1994 when the World Series was canceled due to a labor dispute. The following year, he led the Yankees to a post-season appearance for the first time in 14 years, but was rejected by the Seattle team, which now includes third-base coach Joe Cola. ..

“His name was Joey Blankin Cola at the time,” Shawalter said on Friday. “He always reminds me, so I asked him to show me once in the spring to make him feel better.

“But what I took the most from the series was the fact that people said it rekindled their love for the game. That’s a moment I’m proud of. I’m proud of it. I try to be particular about it. ”

It reminds me of what happened to Show Alter, especially with the town Mariners.

In the case of Buck Showalter, the Mariners

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