In response to the new restrictions, Staten Island Restaurant declares itself an “autonomous zone” – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) — Part of Staten Island is now in the Orange Zone as cases of local COVID-19 continue to proliferate.

In short, CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported that as the restrictions enforced on Wednesday increased, concerns about many business owners and residents increased.

Governor Andrew Cuomo also announced that his “winter plan” would not only identify the zones of the most influential areas, but also increase the resources of those hospitals.

“We do more testing than any other state in the country, so we have a lot of data to make a decision. Everyone has an opinion on COVID. We have the facts.” Kuomo said.

While some companies are reluctantly adhering to the microcluster strategy, such as nail salons and fitness centers, it seems unpopular on some of Staten Island, backed by some others.

“We don’t want to go through another shutdown. Everyone is just trying to get back on the road,” said resident Xavier Rodriguez.

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Grant City’s Mac’s Public House restaurant is covered with signs and markings proclaiming an “autonomous zone” that promises to go against the new order.

The sign on the door says, “We refuse to comply with the rules and regulations set by the Mayor of New York and the Governor of New York.”

Coronavirus pandemic

Coco Nails owner Mimi Kim has blocked her New Dorplane business. There is no holiday manicure there.

“It’s scary, scary, scary. I need to open it as soon as possible,” Kim said.

Neighbors have said a lot about the frustration felt by tired owners and others.

“It’s ruining life because you’re not making money,” said Frank Natri, a resident of New Dolpe. “Orange, pink, blue, green [zones],It does not matter. So if you step on the orange or yellow code, does that mean I’m okay? That doesn’t make sense to me. To me, that doesn’t make sense. “

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Once the orange zone is established, certain non-critical businesses will be closed, restaurants will be restricted to deliveries and takeaways only, and places of worship will need to be limited to 25 people.

“People move from one side to the other, either closing the entire island or keeping it open,” said Debbie Miniero, a resident of New Dolpe.

But not everyone is against the new restrictions.

“Because everyone comes there, it’s for the safety of everyone, and that’s why people are sick. I don’t have a mask, so I feel like I have to do it. It may be inconvenient. No. We’re used to doing these things, but these people are protesting and fighting about this. It doesn’t make any sense, “said Serena Alston, a resident of New Dolpe. ..

Manhattan evaded the designation of microclusters until Wednesday. There is no orange zone yet, but the first yellow zone is mapped and active. It’s a precautionary measure, and I’m upset before Orange shuts down.

It extends from 133rd Street to 187th Street and contains most of Washington Heights and part of Harlem.

The city and state claim that the zone worked to defeat the virus when previously applied in Brooklyn and Queens, which is a necessary step.

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In response to the new restrictions, Staten Island Restaurant declares itself an “autonomous zone” – CBS New York

Source link In response to the new restrictions, Staten Island Restaurant declares itself an “autonomous zone” – CBS New York

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