In racial calculations, the Grammy Awards Respect the Black Experience

New York (AP)-The world is driven more than ever by the importance of June 16th this year as police atrocities continue to devastate black families and the coronavirus disproportionately devastates black Americans. It was.

And Beyonce wanted to release the song on that important day, so she dropped the “Black Parade.” This is an anthemic jam that proudly sings back to her heritage, hometown, and African roots.

A few months later, this song (and other songs focused on protests, police atrocities, and the overall black experience) became the centerpiece of the 2021 Grammy Awards.

Beyonce’s “Black Parade” was nominated for two awards, the Song of the Year and the Record of the Year. Trucks also compete for the best R & B. Song and the best R & B; performance.

“There may have been another approach in terms of releasing records and taking advantage of other timings, but we wanted to put it out at a time when everyone could remember their emotions and energies.” In an interview with Derek Dixie, The Associated Press, Beyonce’s longtime collaborator with Popstar said.

“It’s not necessarily about catching money, streaming numbers, etc. Sometimes it’s what it is, and it’s something we’re proud of.”

The “Black Parade” helped Beyonce win nine nominations and became the overall top candidate for the Grammy Awards. Dixie has been nominated for three Grammy Awards for co-writing and co-producing songs.

In this year’s song, “Black Parade” will compete with her “I Can’t Breathe”, R & B. A singer’s truck about police atrocities.

Lil Baby’s “The Bigger Picture,” a protest song he created following the killing of George Floyd, won the best rap song and best rap performance nominations. The song’s earnings support the Black Lives Matter movement, Breona Taylor’s attorneys, bail projects, and the National Association of Black Journalists.

Anderson .Paak also released a song to Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the last time enslaved African Americans learned they were free, and it competed for two awards. I am. “Lockdown” has been nominated for the best rap performance and the best music video.

Country singer Mickey Guyton wrote a track called “Black Like Me” a year ago, but found it so relevant that he released it this year. He is now nominated for the best country solo performance and the first ever Grammy nomination for a performer.

“In the country music community, it was very hard to get country music, support your music, and win a Grammy nomination. Show that writing the truth is the way to go. I’m just there, “Gaiton told AP on Tuesday. “And not only write your truth, but really grow your brothers and sisters with you.”

However, Guyton admits that everyone’s reaction to her song was not warm. It features the lyrics, “If you think we live in a free country / you should try to be black like me.”

“I released it, and I got very angry people. There were even radio stations like” Get rid of this (curse) from my radio station ” “She said. I would ask people to write a message like “Well, if you don’t like it here, leave.” And I’m like, “Well, it’s my country as much as yours.” “

“Some radio stations were scared to play (” Black Like Me “) because they were (angry) listeners because they didn’t want to hear it,” Guyton added.

“But I didn’t write the song for them. I did write it to make people understand this exact walk I’m walking,” she continued. “It’s for them.”

Apart from the “Black Parade,” Beyonce has also been nominated for the movie “Black Is King,” which celebrates black art and black history, and the “Brown Skin Girl,” an ode to dark-skinned and brown-skinned women. it was done.

Dixie, Beyonce’s music director, who produced, engineered and arranged songs for the singer, said she was grateful to work with an artist who boldly talks about Black Pride in her music. ..

“It’s good to see her willing to put out that type of energy and not always think:’What guarantees me No. 1? What gives me this Is it a guarantee? “It’s part of our conversation and part of the process, but when she needs to put that art out there and put that energy out there, she usually … in that respect. We are leading the pack, “said Dixie. “So I’m grateful to be with her on that road.”

Guyton added that it’s nice to see many black musicians reflect the current era in their music, and she appreciates the Grammy Awards for acknowledging that kind of song. I am.

“It’s very important because blacks, especially black women, are overlooked and constantly overlooked, and you’re always trying to remind people that you’re there,” she said. “It feels like we are being watched. I don’t think we are always being watched.”

“I use this scenario of going to a grocery store. When I go to a grocery store … I’m looking for hair care products for ethnic people … the entire aisle is filled with all possible hair care products. Blacks But when it comes to finding hair care products for blacks, we’re on the shelves, and today we don’t feel like we’re on the shelves. “

The 2021 Grammy Awards will air on January 31st.

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In racial calculations, the Grammy Awards Respect the Black Experience

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