Immanuel Quickley takes Kyrie Irving lessons at the first start of Knicks

Nets point guard Kyrie Irving taught kids lessons in the second quarter, giving Knicks rookie Immanuel Quickley a series of fake and spin moves.

Irving finally left Quickly and spun for an undisputed finger roll layup.

With his first career NBA start, losing to Nets on Monday, Quickly gained learning experience, but was rarely overwhelmed by the nationally aired spotlight.

“It was definitely intense throughout the game, against Killy and James Harden,” Quickly said. “They are aggressively talented. It was really cool to get started with them, and it will help me go the way.”

Regarding that one sequence when Irving forged him from his white Knicks shorts, Quickly said, “He’s a great player to play, but I have that growing mindset that will help me in the future. I am. “

Quickly scored 21 points, but shot 12-4 from a range of 3 points.

Tom Thibodeau backed up Quickley and fouled out in 16 minutes as the Knicks were point guarded and lost the top two guys in Elfrid Payton (hamstring) and Derrick Rose (COVID-19 protocol). We have started Quickly against Frank Nirikina.

Knicks' Immanuel Quickley passes the net laundry chamet.
Immanuel Quickley
Charles Wenselberg / New York Post

Ntilikina scored no points in three consecutive games and won 0-5 and 0-4 in 3 seconds. However, Tibodo acknowledged Ntilikina’s defense in the fourth quarter, saying he helped Knicks return.

Quickly led the attack to an early lead of 18-11 after hitting a tough baseline floater over Jeff Green. When Ntilikina joined Quickly, everything collapsed. Nets embarked on a 14-2 run, and suddenly a second unit without Quickly toasted.

Knicks’ Ed Cohen and Brendan Brown radio teams have resigned indefinitely because the duo are in a health and safety protocol, Post learned.

Cohen and Brown are the radio teams I’ve heard locally on ESPN Radio for the past three seasons. Hubie Brown’s son and former Memphis assistant, Brown, has been a Knicks radio analyst since 2008. Cohen and Brown haven’t traveled with the team during the pandemic season in their fourth season, but they call them home. A game from the garden.

John Jeannone and John Wallace will join the radio broadcast team until further notice.

The Austin Rivers, who were expelled from rotation before taking childcare leave, are not expected to meet their father’s Doc team, the Sixers, on Tuesday. Tibodo showed that Rivers’ fiancée was still expecting. Knicks said he was out for “personal reasons.”

“Just because you have a father doesn’t mean you’ll be back when your baby is ready to come back,” Tibodo said. “We give him all the time he needs.”

Mitchell Robinson (hand surgery) was first seen by media filmed without a cast on Monday. He has been out for 5 weeks.

“He’s making progress,” said Tibodo. “So there’s progress on this. He’s actually doing well. He still has to actually make contact, and that’s what it is. But hopefully it will be soon. “

Immanuel Quickley takes Kyrie Irving lessons at the first start of Knicks

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