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I’m the world’s biggest casino scammer – I cheated out of £30m at the table and now they’re catching scammers like me

LAS VEGAS casino scammer who swindled £27m from venues around the world uses insider knowledge to help catch criminals.

Richard Marcus, 65, From France but grew up in New Yorkinvented numerous scams to trick dealers, but one move in particular earned him millions of dollars.


Richard Marcus made a name for himself by swindling millions of pounds out of casinos around the worldCredit: AFP
He claims he made about $30,000 with his teammates over his 25-year career


He claims he made about $30,000 with his teammates over his 25-year careerCredit:

After a gambling addiction to racing, he got a job at the world-famous Four Queens Casino.

It was there that he was first approached by a player who asked to be part of his plan.

Joe Classon asks to meet Richard after his shift one night and the two devise a cunning plan to win thousands of pounds.

Richard, who came up with this first ever cheat, shuffled the cards in a specific way so that when the relief dealer got his hands on the cards, the player playing would know exactly what was coming. Did.

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The scheme netted the group £18,000 ($21,000), but Richard’s most successful scam was when he entered late betting.

After the outcome is known or what it is, he changes the bet.

In this “Savannah Strategy”, other teammates distracted the dealer so that Marcus could put in lower value chips if the bet was lost.

The move was illegal in casinos and even punishable by law, and Marcus was threatened with imprisonment in 1982.

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He pleaded ignorance and was able to walk away without conviction and was never convicted of casino fraud.

He eventually decided to leave the Classon team after 12 years, hoping to create his own casino cheat team.

After running into two old school friends, the three set out to run a casino.

The team used the Savanna strategy by hiding £4,400 ($5,000) in chips under £4.47 ($5) in chips.

If the bet won, they revealed what was underneath and won $10,010.

If they lose the bet, they will quickly replace the chips and lose less money.

If the dealer really paid attention and picked up the switch, Marcus and his teammates would look stuttering, staggering and drunk.

It turns out that switching seemed like an honest mistake and I didn’t realize it had results.

This method made millions of dollars around the world, from London to Monte Carlo, France to Aruba, before casinos finally took hold.

After being banned from most casinos, Richard gave up casino fraud and is now hired to look for weaknesses that scammers can use to their advantage.

He told The Sun EXCLUSIVELY: “I’ve never heard from a real professional, successful casino chief at these meetings.

“For 25 years, I have traveled the world, London, Monte Carlo, and have only been able to cheat casinos professionally.”

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Having won $20,000 in horse racing bets, Richard left for Vegas and was initially able to turn the jackpot into $100,000.

He was treated like royalty at a Las Vegas casino, wine and dined, and stayed in an $800-a-night suite.

However, his fortunes soon changed when he lost everything at Baccarat, was kicked out of a luxury suite, and was forced to sleep on the street.

He said: “I received $20,000 and gambled legally. At the time, I knew nothing about cheating at casinos.

“So I legally won $100,000 and was totally hooked on it. You know, I thought it was going to last forever.

“And of course it was actually my 18th birthday. I lost everything.”

He shoplifted clothes and was able to enroll in dealing school before getting his first job at the Four Queens Casino.

In June 1977, he met Joe Crasson at a baccarat table who introduced himself as a professional casino scammer.

His offer was irresistible – come up with a scam, rip off a casino, and earn thousands of dollars by joining my team.

Richard’s method meant that his teammates could shuffle the cards in such a way that they could win the next 7 hands in a row.

Richard loved the camaraderie of being part of a team, and by combining methods, the money started to come in.

He started working for Classon, quit his dealership job, and eventually the team traveled the world.

Richard says:

After 12 years with Joe’s team, Richard single-handedly joins the team, recruiting school friends Andy and Pat, known as Boles.

Richard says that putts were very present and often an attractive distraction around the roulette table.

About his Savannah strategy, he said:

“Why? Because it was stupid and easy.

“…There was a lot of psychology involved, but it gave us a raw, basic idea.

Explaining how this move worked best at the roulette table, he added:

“The dealer could see there were two chips in there, but unless the dealer went all the way around and looked underneath, he just assumed it was $10.

“You would think I could get it back with this deal, and that was our thinking.

“But it turns out that most of the time the dealers didn’t notice it.”

When asked if anyone around him noticed the switch, Richard said a system was in place to distract the dealer and those around him.

Richard turned on his “drunk player” act and pretended not to notice that a bet had been placed on returning two low-value chips to the table.

No one suspected anything because they believed the stakes on the table were very low.

Richard estimates he and his teammates have earned £27 million ($30 million) over a 25-year career as a casino scammer.

He said: “And I’ve done this thousands of times all over the world, but the dealer never saw the bet.”

Richard is now a converted man and attends a conference to warn casinos whose venues are in danger of scammers.

Having learned all the tricks of the trade, he shows the casino boss how he cheated and advises him on how best to protect his profits.

He has also written several books about his life and his methods: The Great Casino Heist and American Roulette.

He said: “When I wrote the book, I was approached by people in the casino industry, surveillance and security industry and invited to speak at these conferences.

“Then casinos started hiring me and asking me if I wanted to participate in staff training.

“Now I do it all over the world.”

Ex-con man Richard Marcus now helps casinos catch criminals at venues


Ex-con man Richard Marcus now helps casinos catch criminals at venues
Casino scammer went to Las Vegas as a teenager and got a job as a dealer


Casino scammer went to Las Vegas as a teenager and got a job as a dealercredit: I’m the world’s biggest casino scammer – I cheated out of £30m at the table and now they’re catching scammers like me

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