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I’m a cleaning expert – here’s how often I wash my clothes…I wash my jeans too much

A cleaning expert has revealed the secret to keeping jeans and other clothing clean. This includes washing less often.

caroline solomonpopular online tips tick tockhas proposed an optimal approach to denim, bras and towels.


Experts Say Denim Needs Washing After Up To 10 WearsCredits: Getty – Contributor

Keep denim such as bestsellers Levi’s jeans She admitted that cleanliness can be a concern, but also said it’s okay to keep the jeans on for a while before changing them.

she said mail online: “When your jeans start to smell weird, that’s a good indicator that it’s time to wash them. If not, you can wash them every 10 or so wears.”

She recommended turning the pants inside out and washing them on a cold setting to prevent shrinkage, then hanging them to dry.

However, towels need to be cleaned more often, she says.

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Caroline believes you should put your clothes in the washing machine at least once a week after using it three times, and insists on using hot or hot water as the most “hygienic option.”

Bed sheets should be washed once a week. the internet influencers from new york in the America “I sweat a lot every night,” he added.

She says bedding should be laundered at the hottest temperature listed on the label to ensure that all germs and germs are removed. bacteria Cotton and polyester sheets wipe off dirt.

Like towels, pajamas need to be washed “every few days,” Caroline said, adding, “If you’re a night sweater, do it more often.”

Again, like jeans, sometimes less is better.

“If you take a shower before bed, you can wait a few days longer, maybe five days,” she said.

Bras should be washed “after three uses,” she continued. She should wash it with a mild detergent or “in an optional mesh bag to keep it in shape.”

Pants, on the other hand, need to be thrown in the washing machine every time they are worn. Tucking it inside a lingerie bag also helps it maintain its “shape and elasticity.”

Socks should also be worn only once before washing, she insists, but you can extend their life by turning them inside out before placing them in the cold, gentle cycle laundry.

T-shirts need to be washed after one or two wears, she added, and she also recommends washing them in cold water.

She has previously offered the following advice Swimsuit warns not to put in washing machine as it may shrink.

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A DIY solution is also shared to keep your laundry bright white. 4 Essential Cleaning Items We Recommend – on the other hand, Tips for keeping your trainer clean.

in the meantime, Psychologists support the idea of ​​washing bedding weekly.

Caroline Solomon shares cleaning advice on social media


Caroline Solomon shares cleaning advice on social media I’m a cleaning expert – here’s how often I wash my clothes…I wash my jeans too much

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