“I’m a better person”: Ralph Northam looks back on his complex terms

Richmond, Virginia — When Ralph Northam I decided to jump into politics first, he I didn’t know which party to attend.

he Choosing the Democratic Party, and 10 and a half years later-after the rapid rise of politics and the explosive scandal almost drove he From the office-A mild-mannered doctor from the Eastern Shore of Virginia has left the office claiming to be the most progressive governor in the history of the state.

“After all, at the end of our four years, I think I’m a better person. I’ve certainly learned a lot, and I think Virginia is a better federation.” he In a recent interview with the Associated Press his Political evolution, achievements, struggles, and plans to return his Medical practice.

After campaigning for a modest and easy-to-win election in 2017, Northam has historically formed a diverse cabinet, his First year in office. he It announced that it had secured a compromise with the then Republican-controlled parliament, expanded its democracy’s top priority, Medicaid, and that Virginia had invited Amazon to its second headquarters, the project. his The office creates an estimated 25,000 jobs.

since then, heHas surpassed 100,000 job listings, and Virginia has won the coveted “Top State of Business” ranking twice. he Leading the state through a pandemic of COVID-19, promising to “follow science,” the state has fewer deaths and higher vaccination rates than many equivalents. heFills Virginia with cash and its reserves are at record levels.

However Northam Also spent a lot his A term that is trying to recover from the initially expected controversy he From the office.

In early 2019, a conservative press published a photo published in his Personal page his The 1984 School of Medicine Yearbook depicts a person with a black face and a person in the Ku Klux Klan costume. Northam Said first he I apologized for being in the photo and later insisted he He wasn’t there, but admitted to wearing a blackface decades ago to look like Michael Jackson at a dance contest.

The call to resign was almost immediate and deafening.

After a few months away from public, he embarked on a listening tour and learned how to make amends. He promised to spend the rest of his term fighting for racial reconciliation and greater recognition of all parts of Virginia’s long history. The controversy that the state prosecutor’s chief and vice-governor subsequently faced was also seen as part of the reason he was not evacuated.

Political adviser Mark Bergman said Northam would not have had such a result without the scandal.

“It was an event that gave him a North Star who needed to be the governor of change,” Bergman said.

Northam Subsequently, he appointed a cabinet-level diversity director whose mission was to make the government more comprehensive. he We sought funding for a number of initiatives aimed at telling the story of black history more prominently in the public sphere. he In support of proposals to close racial disparities in maternal health, we worked with the General Assembly to pass numerous criminal justice reforms and remove one of the country’s largest South Army monuments.

Northam Said the most tested moment his Leadership responded to a May 2019 shooting at Virginia Beach City Hall, which killed 12 people. he Said he I vividly remember visiting the injured at the hospital.

he The Republican-led General Assembly was brought back to Richmond for a special session on gun control. They stayed for less than 2 hours and did nothing.

“I really think that led to a majority in the House of Representatives that fall.” he Said.

The Senate also turned around that year, and with the unified control of the state government, Democrats broke their priorities.

In the last two years Northam The bill was signed after a bill that distinguishes Virginia from many of its southern neighbors. The state has strengthened gun law, legalized marijuana, eased abortion restrictions, abolished the death penalty, significantly increased access to voting, added legal protection for LGBTQ people, and raised the minimum wage. rice field.

When voters had the opportunity to rejoin the November elections, they chose to hand over the reins to the Republicans-elected them to the majority of all three Virginia state offices and the House of Representatives. Did.

Northam Said he Not looking as a reflection of the results his heritage. Instead, he Said he The Democrats did not think they had spent enough time talking “about what we were able to achieve” during the campaign, which began to focus primarily on national issues.

his Relations with state Republicans remain tense, he Deviate from a reasonable message he Executed and suggested his Priority has been repaired his Unique heritage.They got angry later, for example he We have withdrawn our promise to establish work requirements as part of the Medicaid expansion.

“”Ralph Northam Leaving the office as his Lecture all of us vulgarly from the cause of our own loss, some hypothesized moral heights he After reading the book “Roots,” I took a non-stop reconciliation tour, “tweeted the new Speaker of the House, Tod Gilbert. Northam Was giving his The final speech to lawmakers this week.

Like all Virginia Governor, Northam It was forbidden to ask for two consecutive terms. he Glenn Youngkin, elected by the Republican governor, will resign on Saturday.

When it comes to the yearbook issue, the two surveys on photography are not definitive and no one else has public responsibility for it. He told AP that the person in the picture was less important than the work done for it.

“The thing that weighs heavily on me is what I … went through Virginia. The wounds I saw,” he said.

Northam’s supporters and his loyal staff are deep, kind and empathetic leaders shaped by decades when he was caring for seriously ill children as a pediatric neurologist. Universally explains

Army veteran Northam, with soft southern accents and a friendly and unobtrusive style, said he didn’t think of himself as a Democrat or Republican in his early days. He said he considered both when running for the first office and decided that the Democratic Party was more suitable. In his view, the party has a larger tent and is more enthusiastic about helping everyone.

The 62-year-old is now planning to return to his medical practice in Norfolk. He said he had a schedule starting Monday.

He did not rule out running for another office one day, and said his wife, Pam Northam, was also approaching as a candidate. But he said they were looking forward to returning to their private life.

“I don’t think my name will appear on the polls anytime soon,” he said.

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“I’m a better person”: Ralph Northam looks back on his complex terms

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