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Illinois Introduces New LGBTQ+ Protections for Communities Deemed “Under Attack” in U.S.

CHICAGO (AP) – Days after a human rights campaign declared a state of emergency for LGBTQ+ Americans, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker said Friday that he will defend the rights of LGBTQ+ people as other states move to restrict communities. signed two bills aimed at

One new law would update the language of existing laws to be more gender-inclusive to affirm LGBTQ+ youth placed in foster care; is what makes marriage easier. The laws will come into force on August 8 and January 1, 2024 respectively.

Illinois is one of the U.S. states that has a Democratic-majority legislature and has worked to strengthen LGBTQ+ rights, while other Republican-led legislatures have introduced restrictions on transgender health care. has been pushing community-targeted legislation, including a ban on transgender youth from participating in sports. ‘Toilet bills’ Illinois’ two new pro-LGBTQ+ laws were signed into law about a week after Pride Month, which aims to celebrate the lives and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community, but this year has been controversial It takes place in a political climate.

“Some of the states surrounding us seem to be focused on stripping the LGBTQ+ community of their hard-won rights. We must remain vigilant and act proactively so that we not only live in peace.” Speak out against the hate, punitive legislation, and totally unnecessary setbacks that we are witnessing. said Sen. Mike Simmons, the proponent of both bills and the only “leave” member of the Illinois Senate.

The Human Rights Campaign declared Tuesday that LGBTQ+ people in the US were “under attack”.

America’s largest organization advocating for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Americans has released a guidebook pointing out laws considered discriminatory in each state, pushing anti-LGBTQ+ legislation signed into law this year. I counted over 75.

Last month, the NAACP issued a travel advisory to Florida, a popular warm-climate destination in the United States, over recent “blatantly hostile” laws and policies defended by Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida lawmakers. Warned black and LGBTQ+ travelers.

The Illinois bill attracted nearly 2,000 opponents, including hundreds of individuals and the Illinois Family Institute who voiced their opposition to the pro-LGBTQ+ bill.

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