Illinois fires head football coach Robbie Smith after five seasons

December 13 – Illinois athletic director Josh Whitman announced on Sunday that head coach Robbie Smith was fired under the direction of a football program five seasons later.

The school held a team meeting on Sunday noon EST to inform players of the decision to transfer from Smith. Fighting Ilini suffered a 28-10 defeat to Northwestern on Saturday, dropping to 2-5 this season.

Illinois will play its eighth match this week on the Big Ten Championship statementThe school said aggressive coordinator Rod Smith will be the interim head coach of the team’s finale for Pennsylvania State University on Saturday.

“Lobby Smith led the Illinois football program with unquestionable integrity during his nearly five years of service,” Whitman said in a statement on Sunday. “I have a great deal of respect for Smith and I am always grateful to him for providing a stable and experienced hand when our program needed stability. Of this pandemic His unwavering leadership, which is less needed than time, will be remembered forever.

“Nevertheless, based on an extensive assessment of the program’s current status and future prospects, I conclude that the program is not progressing at the speed expected at this advanced stage of Smith’s tenure. To reach our competitive goals, I need a football program. I always lovingly see the time I spent with Rovi. That he and Mary Anne are none other than the best. I hope. “

Sixty-two-year-old Smith posted a 17-39 record in his five seasons in Illinois, his first coaching job in college football since 1995. Prior to joining Fighting Ilini in March 2016, he had a long NFL career, including a head coach. Work at the Chicago Bears and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Smith led the Bears to the Super Bowl in 2006, franchising to 81-63.

New York Giants assistant coach Bret Bielema, Buffalo Lanceraiporto, Army Jeff Monken, and Kent State University Sean Lewis are considered Smith’s successors in Illinois.

Illinois fires head football coach Robbie Smith after five seasons

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