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“If no one panics, we’ll be fine” – CBS New York

New York (CBSNewYork) — Now that the number of cases of coronavirus is increasing again, there is another rush of necessities.

As in March, supplies are popping out of the shelves.

“I’m buying for myself, and I’m buying because my neighbors are afraid to go out,” said shopper Carolyn Edwards.

At the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Kearny, NJ, Edwards stocked up on essentials.

“We got more water — one for her and one for me — and, as you know, we have a little more juice and milk,” she said. Told.

She is preparing for a potential blockade due to the proliferation of COVID cases in the tri-state area.

“We need to be ready because we don’t know what will happen,” Edwards said.

She is not the only one preparing.

Coronavirus pandemic

John Catsimatidis, owner and CEO of about 35 Gristedes and D’Agostino locations in New York City, says business has grown 10% in the last few days as people start stockpiling.

“People are worried a lot about that Thanksgiving supper, they buy early and buy in bulk,” he said.

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Catsimatidis says stores haven’t recovered from panic buying, which left many store shelves empty during the first wave.

“Bounty and charmin are always in short supply and it’s not returning to normal,” he said.

According to Catsimatidis, it’s operating normally at the moment, but as stores begin to notice that certain key products are missing, each customer begins to be limited in the number of purchases they can make at one time.

He encourages people to buy only what they need.

“The supply chain is good. It’s well equipped. If no one panics, we’ll be fine,” said Cazimatidis.

Coronavirus: New York State Department of Health | NY Call 1- (888) -364-3065 | NYC Health Department | NYC Call 311, Text COVID to 692692 | NJCOVID-19 Information Hub | NJ Phone 1- (800) -222-1222 Or 211, text from NJCOVID 898211 | CT Health Department | CT Call 211 | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

I agree with my Manhattan roommate who spoke with Kirandiron of CBS2. They panicked shopping in the spring and regretted it.

“I bought a lot of wipes, but they were much more expensive than usual,” said Priyanka Agarwal.

But back in New Jersey, Edwards says she hasn’t done it too much.

“We’re considering it while picking up because someone else wants to get the opportunity to buy for their family. I know I’m there,” she said. Said. “But it’s better to be safe than to regret.”

She thinks of others, but she has no chance.

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“If no one panics, we’ll be fine” – CBS New York

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