If Lou Lamoriero wants a new style, expect more islanders to change

No, of course Lou Lamoriero didn’t ask for the player’s permission Dismiss Barry Trotzare you kidding me?

But if you believe that the feedback drawn during the player’s exit meeting did not influence the islanders’ best hockey leader’s decision to break the relationship with the coach who led the franchise to its greatest success since the dynasty. It’s not as simple as this. ..

These meetings did not contain the threat of rebellion, according to sources familiar with the event. However, a sufficient number of players, and important players, have expressed dissatisfaction with the team’s one-dimensional, safety-first, and safety-final grind approach to the 82-game marathon of this era dominated by high-end skilled athletes. It is said that. Regular season.

These conversations may have ratified Lamoriero’s independent vision test analysis, rather than opening eyes to the cracks that may have occurred during this longest season.

When it comes to Lamoriero and coaches, there is never anything that has been accomplished in the past. It is always important to believe that La Moriello has a coach who can take his team to the next level. The next level always means the Stanley Cup.

Trotz has already won one cup, but in Washington in 2018 it was just as important as La Molielo when he fired Larry Robinson in New Jersey a year and a half after winning the 2000 Cup.

Lou Lamoriero
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Not by accident, there was talk that during the last few weeks of the season, Trotz himself might have begun to feel the same about the situation while he was in the final year of the deal. Speaking of this in marital relations, if Lamoriero had applied for a divorce, Trotz would not have fought for it.

The problem I’m seeing is that La Moriello provided Trotz with a roster full of players who were going to grind. For the good, this is a team that has a great Matthew Versal, but gives its literal identity to the trio of Matt Martin, Casey Sidicas, and Cal Clutterback. Lamoriero did more than just inherit the identity line. He has given all three members a contract extension within the last 16 months.

This wasn’t all about Oliver Wafflestrom (mostly), but the islanders need to be diversified. They will have to become restricted free agents with arbitration rights following next season and pose a young threat to Versal, who is only two seasons away from unlimited free agents. Hope he wasn’t wearing Kanax pajamas when he was growing up from British Columbia.

The NHL is not a development league, but are the young skills of the islanders well developed? Is it directly related to the head coach or is it going further here? Probably the latter.

Understand why La Moriello left Jordan Eval, who was exposed to allegations in Seattle’s Expansion Draft, after Winger performed disappointingly against Lightning in the 2020 and 2021 Cup semifinals. .. However, the team needs a player like Eberle to score a simple goal in the game until November, December, and January, where the team must win in order to make the playoffs.

The islanders missed Nick Lady this year. Defenses tended to make one or two (or three) weird mistakes in the playoffs, and although they made too many errors in the rounds after the playoffs, breaking forechecks or traps throughout the regular season. Was completed. And when we were defending, Cap Crunch’s decision to send Devon Toews to Colorado for draft topics wasn’t favorable in relation to the diversification of the lineup.

Matthew Versal

La Moriello is facing a cap problem. It doesn’t make him unique among the 32 general managers of the NHL. However, it takes a lot of work to recreate this list. The roster currently contains nine forwards over the age of 29, four of whom have changed their bans.

Can Lamoriero play for the pending free agent winger Johnny Godrow? Maybe, but it’s not easy. If the islanders hire Mike Babcock instead of Trotz, it’s probably not easier.

By the way, Babcock is the guy who restricted the minutes of Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner in an important playoff game with the Maple Leafs … why? Most of the Red Wings players believed he wore his welcome before going to Toronto, where he worked under La Molielo. Europeans in particular were so reluctant to play for Babcock that they warned potential free agents not to come to Detroit. Is it the man Lamoriero is heading for?

His employment after being involved in the Blackhawks’ cover-up of the Kyle Beach scandal may be repulsive, but Joel Kenneville is available. Does it resonate with ownership and fan base? Commissioner Gary Bettman needs to clear Quenneville to get back behind the NHL bench.

St. Louis assistant Jim Montgomery is recovering from the problem of alcohol abuse at the expense of his first NHL head coach job in Dallas in 2018-19, which could be a candidate for Lamoriero to look for a job. I have. GM certainly has his list.

However, if La Moriello prefers a faster-paced playing style from 2022 to 23, he will need to change the number of people he plays, not just behind the bench.

If Lou Lamoriero wants a new style, expect more islanders to change

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